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No Passion, No Sales

It’s fun to be in business, to sell a product or service that you’re passionate about.

At EKM, we have tonnes of customers who get great joy from what they do and yet, so many business owners don’t extend this same passion when building their website or posting on social media. It’s an afterthought, or they go generic and boring. And then they email me asking why their business isn’t doing as well as they’d hoped.

A single photo of your product isn’t passion. A one-word description of your items isn’t interesting. A standard profile photo of you stood in front of a white background isn’t going to amaze anybody.

If your online presence doesn’t scream everything that’s unique about you and your business then, in today’s world, nobody is even going to notice you, much less buy from you.

What you do excites you, so tell the world, invite them to join you. Show off your products from every angle. Better yet, make a video of them in use.

Describe not only what makes your products great, but also how they will make your customers’ lives better. Sell them the dream.

Share your story on social media to make your interactions fun and engaging. Make them care.

As an exercise, take an honest look at your own home page and analyse it as if you were a first-time customer. Ask yourself, ‘does this sell my passion?’ and ‘does this sell why we’re different from everybody else?’

If the answer’s no, you’re generic, and you’re going to struggle.

What are you waiting for?

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