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Non-essential products banned in Wales, England says “Thanks”

lock box with text Non-essential products banned in Wales England says Thanks

Amidst a second lockdown in Wales, brick and mortar shops have been required to stop selling non-essential items. Though this is not welcomed by the Welsh public, ecommerce retailers across the rest of the UK are seeing positive results.

Wales entered a second “fire-break” lockdown on 23 October which is set to last until at least 9th November. As a part of this lockdown, only shops that sell essential products will be allowed to remain open, while all others have been required to shut.

According to the Welsh Government, supermarkets and other brick and mortar retailers who sell a variety of products are now being asked to only sell the essentials.

Source: Twitter.com

This means while stores like Tesco can sell food and other products deemed essential like toilet paper and alcohol, they are not allowed to sell items like clothing or games.

Most high-street shops and small businesses have been required to shut under these restrictions.

Click and collect services are not allowed for any stores who do not sell essential products, and stores who have remained open may only offer click and collect for essential items.

The decision has caused major controversy with the Welsh public, leading to protests and demonstrations in places like Llandudno. Welsh citizens have called this crackdown tyrannical and are calling for the government to ease restrictions.

While this has been an unpopular situation with those in Wales, ecommerce retailers throughout the rest of the UK are enjoying an increase in sales.

According to research conducted by the UK’s leading ecommerce provider, Welsh customers are turning to online retailers, with revenue coming from the region rising 32% since the second lockdown began.

Ecommerce as a whole saw a similar upturn throughout the first wave of the UK-wide lockdown from March-July. During this period orders across EKM’s platform rose 100%, breaking records previously only achieved on major shopping holidays like Black Friday.

If there is one lesson to learn from the “tyrannical” rules imposed on Welsh citizens, it is this: if your retail business is not operating online you are making an undeniable mistake.

Sample taken from active EKM shops on 03/11/2020 with orders placed from locations within the region of Wales from 23-29 October 2020 compared to 16-22 October 2020.
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