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Now we are all remote working the office will become more important than ever

Many employees from companies all over the world have been asking for remote working for years, and now they have it along with the rest of the world.

It’s a massive world experiment to see if people can work more productively and sustainably from home.

It’s an opportunity for individuals to prove they can be even more productive from home than in the office… or the opportunity to prove the opposite.

Either way, it’s a massive world experiment and now it’s out of the bag, I believe many companies will struggle to put it back in.

As someone who does work from home (I’m writing this at 1:30 am), I understand it’s not for everyone, I think some people will love it whilst many will hate it.

It’s lonely, it’s hard to separate work and personal life, it’s near impossible when you have kids running around, and it requires a lot of discipline.

So if you are struggling or feel lonely please let your team know, reach out to them, go into the office for a day (if we are still allowed with the coronavirus) or whatever but don’t sit in silence struggling.

Remote working one or two days per week will become normal once this crisis ends but I don’t think there will be a rush to go fully remote and I actually think there will be a resurgence and desire for office working.

Humans are happiest in groups, they want to be a member of a group, clan, tribe, town, community, family.

People will seek out companies who can offer them that, people will seek out companies who can offer them a sense of community.

The office will become more important than ever.

“It feels like one big family” is one of the most common bits of feedback we get from the team at EKM and it’s something we are really proud of and it’s why we put so much effort into making it a nice place to be and why we spend so much on work events and activities.

It’s why we do our best to ensure it’s one big happy family, full of positive people and unlike a real family you don’t have to put up with uncle knobhead. You can simply ask him to leave.

You can’t recreate the sense of family and belonging when everyone is fully remote.

The office will become more important than ever.

Personally, my proudest moments as a business owner are when we see someone who starts as a junior or apprentice and works their way up to more and more success (within EKM or even externally) and having an office with a team culture enables that.

If all businesses were fully remote imagine how hard it would be for apprentices or juniors to learn from the people around them.

If businesses were fully remote they would hire the best people from around the world and those wanting to get into the industry who aren’t yet skilled would sadly be left behind. Many companies would also use it as a cost-saving exercise to employ people from countries with cheaper labour costs.

It’s all businesses responsibility to help to train apprentices and juniors and help them grow as it enables the next generation to flourish and eventually take over.

So while remote working might be here to stay around the world I don’t think it will ever fully replace the office.

The office will become more important than ever.



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