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Recent updates & what they mean to you

We’ve made some updates over the past few weeks and have received a lot of questions about them. So we’ve put together this list of some of the most recent ekmPowershop updates and what they mean to you:

Abandoned Carts

We made a change on Monday 8th February that gives you enhanced visibility through the Orders section. Orders now appear much earlier than they did previously. We made this update for two reasons:

1. You will now see orders that are in progress on your shop.
2. This will give you the opportunity to activate the abandoned cart saver sooner to try and save them.

First things first, don’t panic! The new orders that you are seeing are not orders that you have lost, or an increase in abandoned carts. You are simply seeing more information than you had seen previously.


Based on the feedback that you have given us, we’re going to be making the following changes to the update by the end of this week:

1. Orders from PayPal Express and Amazon Payments (that currently appear as empty orders) will only appear in the orders section when we have some basic details about the order.
2. We’re also looking for a cleaner way to separate or differentiate orders in progress and abandoned orders from paid orders.


Estimated Delivery

You can now enable estimated delivery on your cart. To do this, head over to ‘Settings > Cart > Estimated Delivery’ when logged into your ekmPowershop. Estimated delivery costs on the cart page is fairly common practice (take Amazon for example), as it’s considered more logical for a customer to enter delivery information first, then choose a method best suited to your needs of getting it there. We are however very sensitive to your feedback and are not ruling out making any changes based on the feedback we hear from you.

estimated delivery1


Discount Codes

The current placement of the discount code field in the new checkout has been implemented based on heavy research and testing. Again, we always take ekmPowershop user feedback into account so we haven’t ruled out making not ruling out any changes based on this. However, we are being very cautious about any changes that we do make. It’s actually quite uncommon (although not unheard of) to have the discount code field on the cart page (normally in the checkout flow).


The position of the discount code needs to  the right balance between it being obvious enough for customers that have a discount code to spot it, whilst also being cautious that it doesn’t distract customers that don’t have one. With the old checkout, the discount code field was very prominent which was encouraging customers to abandon their order in search of a discount code. Once they have abandoned your shop, they may never return and end up purchasing the product on another website.


PayPal Express

Some customers have expressed concerns about PayPal Express only working with a default delivery method and not being compatible with discount codes. This is not the case. Customers leave the cart page and are redirected to PayPal to log in. They will then be returned to your shop where they can choose a delivery method, add a discount code and complete their order.


Failed Payments

We’ve seen a number of customers mention failed payments. We’d just like to stress that both the new and old checkouts are using the same payment gateway integration code, so if the payment itself has failed, it is not due to the new checkout as the payment would have failed the same way on the old checkout.

failed payment


Our Belief

We’ve put a lot of research, time, energy and passion into building the new checkout system and across the board we’ve seen an increase in conversion rates. The new checkout will continue to progress and evolve and we’re going to continue to improve it week by week until every shop sees added value.

What are you waiting for?

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