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Social Media Events in February 2020

Featured Image February 2020

In case you missed my first post about social media events that you can plan for and get involved with throughout January, you could really do with going back and have a browse through to get the idea of how these events can help you fill your social media with lots of relatable, trending content throughout the month.

If you’re still unsure of what exactly to set up on your social media, then you might want to have a look at these guides I’ve written previously for EKM’s Support Centre: Facebook Pages (including how to set up your Shop tab), LinkedIn Business Pages, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you’re an EKM customer already, you can follow all of the steps within them to link each to your EKM online shop. However, if you’re not yet an EKM customer, you’ll still be able to make good use of these Guides – as there’s lots of valuable advice in there regardless of who your ecommerce platform is hosted with.

By pre-planning your social media and creating relatable, shareable content, you can increase followers and fans for your brand organically – ideal if you’re just starting out and your business budget doesn’t stretch far enough for paid advertising campaigns just yet. You can read more about automating your social media in this post.

Below I’ve listed the events that are expected to trend across various different social media platforms throughout February 2020. If you can relate the event to your online shop and it’s products, have a look at the suggestions I’ve made for ‘Business Posts’. However if you’re struggling to relate your product lines and target demographic to a particular event, have a look at my ‘Personal Post’ suggestions – ideal if you’re willing to let your followers know all about the people behind the brand.

The Event: LGBT History Month
Date: All of February
What you could do for a Business post: Support your LGBT customers by researching the event on the official website and find out all of the different ways you can get involved. There’s also media which can be downloaded from the website and displayed in your premises if they are open to the public.
What you could do for a Personal post: Reseach what events will be on in your area. Take part, get lots of photographs and tweet about the event. Alternatively, purchase merchandise – such as rainbow pins, t-shirts and similar – and photograph these on the day to show your support. You can also donate to LGBT charities such as the LGBT Foundation and Stonewall.

The Event: National Sickie Day
Date: 3rd February
What you could do for a Business post: If you retail products relating to bedding and comfort, such as quilt covers and duvets, pillows, slippers, pyjamas and so on, you can easily relate these to this event. The same goes for tissues, face creams and cold/flu remedies. Create flatlays of your products to depict must-have essentials for folk who are ‘suffering’ on National Sickie Day.
What you could do for a Personal post: You could ask your followers who are actually off work on National Sickie Day, and what they’re doing to make them feel better. This is all presuming you’ve gone into work yourself, of course! Otherwise, if you’ve managed to catch the lurgi on this day, provide updates in your pyjamas from the comfort of the couch.

The Event: Send A Card To A Friend Day
Date: 7th February
What you could do for a Business post: Online shops that sell greetings cards and gifts – this is your time to shine! The point of this event is to get in contact with friends you’ve not seen in a long time by dropping them a card to let them know you care.
What you could do for a Personal post: Here you could upload old photos of you with friends you’ve not seen in years but who you miss dearly. Send them a card through the post, and if they respond – and even better, you meet up again – this makes for a brilliant follow-up post.

The Event: Toothache Day
Date: 9th February
What you could do for a Business post: If you provide dental products such as floss and toothbrushes as part of your product range, this is a good event for you to get on board with. Alternatively, if you sell teeth whitening kits, lipstick or similar, some good product images in a status update should do well for you here.
What you could do for a Personal post: Whilst nobody plans a toothache especially for the day itself, it’s a good event to open a conversation with your followers to get to know you better. If you have children talk about the first time the tooth fairy visited your house or the worst toothache you’ve ever had in your life when you spent three days smelling of oil of cloves and dribbling or alternatively, do a bit of research and talk about some of the ways medieval dentists used to cure a toothache – it’s fascinating and very shareable content.

The Event: National Pizza Day
Date: 9th February
What you could do for a Business post: If you sell fresh ingredients that are traditionally used in pizza toppings, such as cheese, cured meats, herbs and so on, or perhaps you sell kitchen gadgets that are used in the cooking and serving of pizzas at home, then this is an ideal event for you to get involved with. Alternatively, if you sell something unrelatable to the event, simply purchase your staff a stack of pizzas for a surprise lunch and take pictures so that the customers can see the folk behind your business.
What you could do for a Personal post: Everyone loves pizza! What’s the best pizza you’ve ever eaten? If you’ve got a photo of you eating it – fantastic! Post that in a status update and tag in the relevant restaurant takeaway ( and don’t forget #buylocal if this is the case!). Alternatively, what’s the worst or weirdest pizza you’ve had? If you can’t answer either question, do some Googling and find the weirdest pizza online, and ask your followers about their favourite/worst/fantasy pizza toppings.

The Event: Safer Internet Day
Date: 11th February
What you could do for a Business post: If the purpose of your online shop is to serve children and families, this could be a good event for you to show your support. Visiting the official website, you’ll find lots of different resources on offer if you want to get involved, all of which make up some great content for social media posts.
What you could do for a Personal post: If you have children of your own, what are you doing to ensure that they are safe online? This is a great opportunity to open up a conversation with your followers whilst simultaneously promoting the event.

The Event: Valentine’s Day
Date: 14th February
What you could do for a Business post: Obviously romantic gifts, flowers, lingerie, jewellery, watches and alcohol (such as wine, liqueur and whisky) are the ideal kind of products for this event, so you could post a couple of weeks before the event and include product images, flatlays and I’d even recommend creating a Valentine’s Day promotion for the duration too.
What you could do for a Personal post: If you’re married or with a partner and you’re brave enough, share a wedding or anniversary photo with your followers. Thank your partner for being part of your life. If you’re single, make posts about what your favourite romantic film moments, or your pet who will be keeping you company on Valentine’s Day instead.

The Event: International Book Giving Day
Date: 14th February
What you could do for a Business post: Obviously, if you sell books, this is an excellent time to be promoting your products and to create a discount especially for the occasion. You could even begin posting about this event a week or two beforehand, and tie it into Valentine’s Day as books are a fantastic gift as there’s so much variety available.
What you could do for a Personal post: Make posts about your favourite books, ideally including yourself in a photo reading a book, or flatlays of your favourite book and a cup of tea. You could even use an app like Textgram to make images of your favourite quotes from your favourite book.

The Event: National Nest Box Week
Date: 14th-21st February
What you could do for a Business post: If you sell wood, tools, bird food, birdhouses or similar, this is a fantastic event for you to be part of. Make posts about your products and how they can be used for this event. Alternatively, if you have your own business premises, why not hang up a nest box at work and have a staff photo to show your followers the team behind your brand?
What you could do for a Personal post: If you have children, you can make posts about what you’re doing with the kids for this event – making bird boxes, learning about what birds eat, making your own fat balls full of seeds, putting lots of food out for the birds – the choices here are endless. If you don’t own a garden or live a place which attracts a lot of wildlife, why not head to your local park and see what birds you can see there?

The Event: London Fashion Week
Date: 14th-18th February
What you could do for a Business post: If you sell clothes, shoes, bags, fabrics, patterns, jewellery, lingerie, watches or similar, post before the day and for the event itself can do well here. If you sell designer items it may be worth doing your research on the official website and talking about what designers are taking part, what some of the themes are this year, and how your products can relate to these.
What you could do for a Personal post: If you’re a fashionista out of work, then why not share a photo of your favourite outfit/bag/shoes/etc with your followers? You could also research what’s on for this year’s event and your thoughts on some of the emerging trends.

The Event: Singles Awareness Day
Date: 15th February
What you could do for a Business post: This event is a great time for gifts, as the point of it is to distract folks from the fact that they’re single, so most products can be applied to this event.
What you could do for a Personal post: If you’re brave enough, create posts about how you’re celebrating the event. However, if you’re not comfortable sharing your relationship status with your followers, you can post images of quotes this day to take part.

The Event: Random Acts of Kindness Day
Date: 17th February
What you could do for a Business post: If you visit the official website, there’s a workplace calendar that you can download to encourage your staff to do their own random acts of kindness. Aim to document these and share them in photo posts with your customers.
What you could do for a Personal post: This is an easy event to take part in, as all you need to do is do something kind for someone. For social media purposes, you can document these acts in several different posts with photos ideally, and spread the love – a little positivity can go a long way! Ask your followers what acts of kindness they’ve done lately and post about any books or websites you’ve found that have helped you in life. You could donate to a local charity, pick up all the litter in your neighbourhood (ideal for ‘before-and-after’ photos) or buy a homeless person some socks, a warm drink and a hot meal.

The Event: National Love Your Pet Day
Date: 20th February
What you could do for a Business post: If you sell anything vaguely related to pets – no matter how exotic – then some product photos will do very well here. Consider making posts about this event a week or two beforehand and running a promotion offering a discount for followers purchasing gifts for their pets. If you’ve not set it up already, Instagram Shopping would work well here.
What you could do for a Personal post: If you have pets of your own, a few photos of your pets on the day would be fantastic, especially if you have created a voice for your pet by writing a message on a piece of paper placed next to it. If you don’t have pets of your own, make posts about your dream pet, or alternatively, a pet that belongs to a friend or a relative instead.

The Event: Real Bread Week
Date: 22nd February – 1st March
What you could do for a Business post: If you sell products or ingredients which are used to make bread, then this is an excellent event for you to take part in. As always, lots of nice product images and flatlays are ideal to really show off your range. Visit the website for lots of resources to help you take part in the event.
What you could do for a Personal post: Support a local baker and get yourself some bread for your lunch, tagging them in your status update (#buylocal) and make a nice flatlay of your lunch. Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative try making your own bread, which will provide lots of photo opportunities and allow you to show off your baking skills (or lack of them!) which will make a good talking point either way.

The Event: Fairtrade Fortnight
Date: 24th February-8th March
What you could do for a Business post: If you visit the official website, there’s a whole host of resources for you to access and take part in Fairtrade Fortnight to raise awareness of the cause. If you already retail Fairtrade items, this time is ideal for you to make posts about those products to encourage your followers to make an ethical purchasing choice.
What you could do for a Personal post: It’s advised to visit the official website to learn more about the cause and decide if you want to be actively involved which will provide you with lots of content for posts for this event. Alternatively, you can always purchase and post about the Fairtrade products you’ve purchased for yourself; there are over 4,500 official Fairtrade products at the moment which including wine, tea, coffee, sugar, nuts, beauty products, jewellery and cut flowers, so you should be spoiled for choice.

Next month, we’ll be publishing a list of events expected to run during March 2020 so you can plan ahead for that month too – be sure to subscribe to our blog to get a notification of when the next month of our social media calendar is published.

If you’d like to learn more about owning an online shop and how it can help boost your businesses sales, give our Google Team a call on 0333 004 0333 or request a callback.

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