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Social Media Events in July 2020

Social Media Events in July 2020

Now we’re in the middle of summer, the sunshine brings us lots of beautiful light that’s ideal for making videos and taking photos for your social media. If you’ve been following this series of posts since December 2018, you’ll no doubt have a reliable routine you rely on now for planning and in some cases, automating your social media for your online shop. If you’re still finding your feet with Instagram and creating quality content for your shop’s profile, then this post should be able to help you begin.

With less trending events to get on board with this month (due to the cancellation of many festivals and sporting events), this allows you more time to plan content specific to your online shop. Any promotions or new product lines should be posted in between your content for trending events to provide some variety for your followers.

The Event: National Ice Cream Month
Date: All of July
What you could do for a Business Post: If your online shop sells any items related to ice cream, such as ice cream makers, toppings, scoops, pretty serving bowls, sauces, tiny paper umbrellas and other accessories, then this is an ideal time to promote your products in a range of image-based posts for the month, ideally with a discount or offer. This is also a good time to encourage your customers to take photos of them using your products, as user-generated content is very valuable. You could create a prize draw style offer where customers have to follow you on social media and tag your online shop in an image featuring one of your products to win.
What you could do for a Personal Post: If your online shop doesn’t sell anything ice cream related, start a conversation with your followers about their favourite flavours, and recommend flavours to you that you’ve never tried before. If you choose to purchase ice cream for the purpose of making content, makes sure you #buylocal where possible and tag in the shop or dairy where possible.

The Event: International Plastic Bag Free Day
Date: 3rd July
What you could do for a Business Post: There is an official website for this event and the hashtag does trend on social media on the day. Basically, the name of the game is to reduce the amount of plastic bags used in day-to-life to save our environment. As an online shop owner, you could make posts about how the packaging you use when shipping orders is environmentally friendly and sustainable, or if you sell products which can substitute plastic bags and bottles – such as metal canisters or cotton shopping bags, promote these products to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to your followers.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Make content about the steps you have taken as a person to reduce the amount of plastic you use, and encourage your followers to do the same – you can learn lots of hacks, tips and tricks from each other.

The Event: American Independence Day
Date: 4th July
What you could do for a Business Post: Independence Day is one of the biggest trending events of the year with Americans and American ex-pats proudly celebrating their country. Any products which are traditionally American should be promoted prior to this event, and especially so if they can be used in Independence Day celebrations, such as fireworks, barbeques and barbeque accessories.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Have you ever been to America? If so, share your holiday snaps in your content, and mention some of the best things you experienced during your trip before encouraging your followers to do the same.

The Event: International Kissing Day
Date: 6th July
What you could do for a Business Post: Another novelty event, International Kissing Day promotes kissing and puckering up with your significant other. If your online shop sells anything which improves the quality of your kisses – such as lipsticks, balms, scrubs, teeth whitening kits and similar – then you need to get these items promoted a couple of days beforehand and on the day itself.
What you could do for a Personal Post: If you don’t have a significant other to use to create a kissing selfie, then you could create content celebrating some of the best TV and movie kisses and share these in your posts instead, or you could research some of the health benefits of kissing and create text images for shareable content on the day, or alternatively, kiss your pet instead if you have one.

The Event: World Chocolate Day
Date: 7th July
What you could do for a Business Post: The aim of this event is to celebrate chocolate and how it’s a delicious treat for many of us. If your online shop sells recipe books, kitchen gadgets or any items which can be related to chocolate and chocolate products, such as cakes, desserts and milkshakes, create some lifestyle photos before the event to share on the day itself. Also, since some chocolate production involves the use of palm oil, if your products are organic and come from sustainable resources, don’t forget to highlight this too, as shoppers are becoming more conscientious about the effects of their purchases.
What you could do for a Personal Post: You could cook or create something chocolate-themed for the day, which in turn provides the perfect opportunity for you to make videos or Boomerangs and share the results with your followers throughout the day itself. You could create text images and share your favourite recipes or you could share existing content from chocolatiers and chefs where chocolate is used to create some amazing desserts and puddings.

The Event: Don’t Step on a Bee Day
Date: 10th July
What you could do for a Business Post: Although you should never step on a bee, this event is used to highlight bees and how we should help them as they’re essential to our food chain. If your online shop sells honey and beeswax products, promote these items and if they’re organic and sustainable, be sure to highlight that too. Alternatively, if you sell plants and gardening equipment, promote these items too, as certain plants and flowers can encourage bees to your garden which in turn helps them flourish.
What you could do for a Personal Post: You could make posts about flowers you already have in your garden or ones you are planting with the purpose of helping bees, or make text images advising how to help tired bees when they’re found on the pavement. If you can take selfies helping bees or making a sugar-water mix for them, all the better, as this is very shareable content on the day.

The Event: National Cherry Day
Date: 16th July
What you could do for a Business Post: The intent with this event is to celebrate the humble cherry, especially as it’s now in season and can be used to promote the British produce industry and supporting local businesses by using the hashtag #buylocal. If your online shop sells recipe books, fancy crockery or can be used in lifestyle content to be shared on your social media, do some preparation and incorporate cherries – whether in pies or cocktails – into your photos to share on the day.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Create text images to share your favourite recipes involving cherries or do a bit of research and simply bullet point some facts about them and their health benefits (they can help with arthritis, improve memory, help you sleep, etc) before sharing these with your followers.

The Event: World Emoji Day
Date: 17th July
What you could do for a Business Post: A total novelty event, World Emoji day has it’s own website and invites us all to celebrate emojis and their use in our every day lives. Obviously, if any of your product lines have emoji motifs on them, promote these products with a discount and lots of in-use/lifestyle images.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Dependent on your age, you might remember a time before emojis existed and we had to use different letters on our keyboards instead (circa 1996) – you could show your younger followers how this was done, or run an online vote for your followers’ favourite or most used emoji.

The Event: National Tequila Day
Date: 24th July
What you could do for a Business Post: Obviously, if your online shop sells tequila, shot glasses, cocktail accessories and recipe books, you need to get involved with this event. Take some in-use/lifestyle images of your products, and add text to wish your followers a happy tequila day, or share a tequila-based cocktail recipe with them for shareable content.
What you could do for a Personal Post: If you can create Boomerangs or stills of you and your friends drinking tequila, or share your favourite method of consuming tequila (as there’s more to it than salt and lemon) or if you don’t drink, create a text-based image to share listing hangover cures for those who imbibe too much on the day.

The Event: World Friendship Day
Date: 30th July
What you could do for a Business Post: Celebrated by exchanging cards, small gifts and most famously, friendship bracelets, this event is all about appreciating the friends in your life. If your online shop sells small gifts, trinkets and friendship bracelets, this is something you need to get on board with, ideally before the day of the event itself so you can remind your followers to purchase something for their own friends in time.
What you could do for a Personal Post: In terms of a personal post, you could include photos of you and your best friend in content with bullet points of how you met, how long you’ve known each other and so on. Encourage your followers to do the same, and this kind of conversation can be a real nostalgia trip, especially where older photos are concerned.

Next month, we’ll be publishing a list of events that are due to run during August 2020 so you can plan ahead for that month too – be sure to subscribe to our blog so you get a notification of when the next month of our Social Media Calendar is published.

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