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Social Media Events in March 2020

Social Media Events in March 2020

Spring is on the way, and as the weather gets warmer (I know we’re British, but try and remain optimistic!), we’ll all be spending more time outdoors. For those of you that sell products related to outdoor pursuits, you may want to start promoting these lines early, as folk start naturally looking to buy as the weather gets warmer. It’s also worth monitoring your social media channels to see if any of your customers have provided any social proof and reviewed your products on their own profiles; sometimes a discount code ‘reward’ can encourage more of your customers to get involved with this, and you can then share their social proof on your own channels.

Below I’ve listed the events that are expected to trend across various different social media platforms throughout March 2020. If you can relate the event to your online shop and it’s products, have a look at the suggestions I’ve made for ‘Business Posts’. However if you’re struggling to relate your product lines and target demographic to a particular event, have a look at my ‘Personal Post’ suggestions – ideal if you’re willing to let your followers know all about the people behind the brand.

The Event: National Bed Month
Date: All of March
What you could do for a Business post: Obviously if your online shop sells beds, bedding and mattresses, you can easily create posts throughout the month highlighting beautiful product images and flatlays to really show off your range. This month would also be a good time to run some promotions and discounts too, which can also be advertised in your posts.
What you could do for a Personal post: If you are happy to show off your own bed, then do so, alternatively, you may feel more comfortable posting pictures of your ideal bed (such as a hammock on a desert island for example) taken from a royalty-free images site such as Pixabay or Unsplash.

The Event: St. David’s Day (Welsh)
Date: 1st March
What you could do for a Business post: If your business is located within Wales, you’ll no doubt already have a stock of Welsh flags to hold up and make team photos with yourself and your staff.
What you could do for a Personal post: Alternatively, if you’re not located in Wales but still want to jump on board with this trending event, you could treat yourself – and your staff – to some traditional Welsh cuisine. Welsh cakes, Glamorgan sausages, crempog and rarebit. From this, you can make a range of team photos and flatlays which can then be shared online.

The Event: British Pie Week
Date: 2nd-8th March
What you could do for a Business post: If your online shop sells pies, and the kitchen equipment used to create them, such as knives, rolling pins, baking trays and so on, now is an ideal time to create product images and flatlays. Alternatively, you may want to treat yourself and your staff to pie for lunch from another local business – don’t forget to include the hashtag #buylocal if you do – and take photos of you all tucking in to share online.
What you could do for a Personal post: You could have a pie for lunch or you may want to call upon your culinary skills and create your own, providing lots of opportunities to take photos, make Instagram Stories, videos and Boomerangs of the process and the finished product.

The Event: International Women’s Day
Date: 8th March
What you could do for a Business post: If it is logistically possible in your business premises, you can hold an event to support this cause yourself. The official website lists events that are going on in your area, plus lots of resources for getting your own company involved, which is a good way of introducing your company to your local community as well as creating lots of content both before the event and on the day itself.
What you could do for a Personal post: If you’re not getting involved by attending an event, you can download selfie cards from the website and share selfies of yourself and your friends to show your support.

The Event: Comic Relief
Date: 9th-13th March
What you could do for a Business post: This is a huge event in the UK, so it would be beneficial for your company to get involved if it’s logistically possible. The official website has lots of resources for you to learn about how to get involved and promote your event, which should give you lots of content both in the run-up to the event and on the day too.
What you could do for a Personal post: If you’re not personally running a Comic Relief event, you could search for local events in your area and do your part by attending those, which should give you a decent amount of content. If you don’t have the time to take part in those events, instead you could make posts about what events are on in your area to encourage your followers to attend, which would be a good way of promoting your local community. Don’t forget to take selfies with the traditional red nose and the related merchandise which is usually available for sale before the day with all proceeds going towards the cause.

The Event: St Patrick’s Day (Irish)
Date: 17th March
What you could do for a Business post: St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in America and the UK, but also in Argentina, Norway, Turkey, Japan, Australia, Croatia, New Zealand, India, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Russia and Singapore, so if any of your target demographic are located in these countries you need to take part in this event. Obviously, if you retail products that can be related to the event, then you should post photos of your products being used in-situ and run related promotions if you can.
What you could do for a Personal post: If you regularly head to your local Irish bar for St Patrick’s Day, see if you can share any photos from the year before on your social media, and ask your followers for suggestions of where you should celebrate this year. Make posts about what you plan to wear for the evening and encourage your followers to do the same.

The Event: Spring Equinox (1st Day of Spring)
Date: 20th March
What you could do for a Business post: If your target market are Pagans, Wiccans or similar who regularly celebrate the Spring Equinox (known also as Ostara) and your products are used to celebrate the event – such as candles, oil burners and incense for example – then you should create in-situ photos of your products that can be incorporated into posts. Alternatively, many different products can be related to spring, such as gardening equipment and furniture, flowers and plants, Easter cards and gifts.
What you could do for a Personal post: For a more personal post, if you yourself celebrate Ostara, you could take photos of your dressed candles or altar at home. Alternatively, you could create videos and photos of yourself painting eggs, planting flowers and preparing for Spring.

The Event: The Great British Spring Clean
Date: 20th March – 13th April
What you could do for a Business post: If you visit the official website you can learn how to join an existing clean-up or host your own. If you have business premises near an area which needs tidying up, see if you can coerce your staff to help you and if you can provide products to help anyone who gets involved. This is a good opportunity to network with your local community and create lots of photos, Boomerangs and Instagram stories, whilst equally raising awareness of such a good cause.
What you could do for a Personal post: You could visit the official website and join in with an existing clean-up, again making lots of posts about the clean-up, the people you’re working alongside and some ‘before-and-after’ shots to take part with this event and increase your followers.

The Event: Mother’s Day
Date: 22nd March
What you could do for a Business post: If you sell cards and gifts for this event, it would be worth making posts about it around a month beforehand and maybe once a week, reminding your followers that Mother’s Day is coming soon and they need to get something organised. Create posts with product images and flatlays, and if possible, create a discount or promotion especially for the event too.
What you could do for a Personal post: On the day, if you’re comfortable sharing with your followers, you could post your favourite image of your mum and how she inspires you, or what you have organised for your own mum to celebrate the day.

The Event: International Waffle Day
Date: 25th March
What you could do for a Business post: If your online shop sells kitchen gadgets – such as traditional waffle irons – or the ingredients or toppings for waffles, then you need to post some product images and flatlays for this event. This would also work well if you sell dinnerware – beautiful plates holding waffles in a flatlay will take your post from standard to ‘aspirational’ if done well.
What you could do for a Personal post: Sweet or savoury, waffles are enjoyed by pretty much everybody. Check your phone to see if you have eaten any waffles at restaurants in the past to repost the image for the event, and ask your followers about their favourite toppings in Twitter and Facebook Polls or within an Instagram story.

The Event: Clocks go forward (British Summer Time Begins)
Date: 29th March
What you could do for a Business post: Remind your customers that the clocks will go forward today with a well-made visual image. You don’t necessarily need to include any products – especially if they can’t be related to this subject – but if you can then do so. A post like this is useful to remind your customers of something essential.
What you could do for a Personal post: Ask your followers how they intend to use the extra hour in the morning – whether in bed, at the gym, etc. You could also run a poll on Twitter or Facebook and ask the same question within an Instagram story.

Next month, we’ll be publishing a list of events that are due to trend during April 2020 so you can plan ahead for that month too – be sure to subscribe to our blog so you get a notification of when the next month of our Social Media Calendar is published.

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