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Social Media Events in November 2020

In the second to last month of 2020, there’s many events trending on social media. Some are created for fun and consist of trending hashtags across each of the social media platforms, whilst others have been launched for a specific cause or charity. Some of these causes may strongly align with your target customer demographic or with your product lines, so you should consider supporting them where applicable. This can be done by simply making a donation in the name of your business, or by using the resources available to create content themed around the event to help raise awareness.

However, if there’s only two events you choose to get involved with this month as an online shop owner, the most important ones that you should prepare for, of course, are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll need to formulate and create discounts on your products for each day and make sure that these discounts are promoted around a week before the day itself. If you’re preparing content in advance of Black Friday, I’d strongly recommend automating your social media for the period before and after the event to ensure that your profiles are regularly updated whilst you’re busy dispatching orders.

I’d also not recommend using promo codes for your discounts either, as this can be a sticking point in terms of encouraging sales. Instead, simply apply the discounts to the product prices temporarily, so that the discounted price can be seen at a glance and the customer can quickly determine whether they want to take advantage of the offer or not.

As always with the social media events, you and your brand should get involved where possible and applicable; supporting social media events by publishing carefully prepared and curated content in line with an event allows you to provide your followers with more than simple ‘buy this product from us’ posts, which are not as relatable or shareable as well thought out updates on Facebook and Twitter, eye-catching images on Instagram or videos on YouTube.

The Event: Movember
Date: All month
What you could do for a Business Post: With the strapline ‘whatever you grow will save a bro’, the aim of Movember is to encourage willing participants to grow a beard for the Movember charity. The official website is full of useful facts, figures and resources. There’s also a Twitter profile, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, YouTube channel and Instagram, so there’s plenty of channels to follow with your own social media and lots of inspiration to be found for getting yourself involved in the event. If your online shop sells items for men’s grooming, such as combs, beard waxes, clippers and similar, this is an excellent time to promote your products as you can show support of this event how to take care of their skin and their growth over the month whilst their new facial hair grows in.
What you could do for a Personal Post: If you can, grow a beard yourself to support the event and gain sponsorship. You could provide daily photo updates and videos of how you’re coping with your new facial fuzz and a tally of how much you’ve raised so far for the cause.

The Event: National Novel Writing Month/NaNoWriMo
Date: All month
What you could do for a Business Post: National Novel Writing Month, abbreviated to NaNoWriMo is an event that began in 1999, challenge folk to write 50k words for a novel during November. It now has become a nonprofit organisation with a sizable online following, and as well as the official website, can also be found on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. If your online shop sells word processors, stationery, pens and other items typically used for sketching down ideas and creative writing in general, make sure that you’ve created some eye-catching lifestyle images of your products to share both before and during the run-up to the event. Perhaps even offer a discount for your followers who wish to take on the NaNoWriMo challenge themselves.
What you could do for a Personal Post: If you can, attempt to complete the challenge yourself. You can provide screenshots of your notes in Instagram stories and request inspiration from your followers, which will encourage engagement on your own social media profile.

The Event: World Vegan Day/Month
Date: 1st November
What you could do for a Business Post: Starting with World Vegan Day on the 1st and continuing with World Vegan Month for the rest of November, this event aims to raise awareness of the vegan diet and lifestyle, which is now becoming more popular than ever. The Vegan Society website is a good place to begin your research, and they also have a Twitter, Facebook Page, YouTube channel and Instagram should you need further inspiration. If your online shops sells cooking accessories and kitchen gadgets that are intended for use on vegetables, or recipe books that cater to the vegan lifestyle, now would be a fantastic time to promote those products and encourage your followers to try completely vegan meals themselves.
What you could do for a Personal Post: If you’re not already a vegan, why not review some vegan foods? There’s plenty of them in supermarkets, and many of them aren’t as obvious as you’d think. The Instagram account Accidentally Vegan regularly posts about common products that are 100% vegan which should give you some inspiration for your own posts.

The Event: National Sandwich Day
Date: 3rd November
What you could do for a Business Post: An informal event, National Sandwich Day is intended to celebrate the humble snack. Whilst there are no ‘official’ website or social media profiles for this event, it does trend very well on social media. If your online shop sells plates and crockery, make some lifestyle images of your products featuring your favourite sandwich combination during the day itself.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Peanut butter and crisps, anyone? Ask your followers what their favourite sandwich combinations are and ask for photos to encourage conversation between you and them. Be sure to use the #nationalsandwichday hashtag on your posts.

The Event: Guy Fawkes’ Night/Bonfire Night/Firework Night
Date: 5th November
What you could do for a Business Post: Whilst this is an obviously British tradition, it shouldn’t put you off getting involved with the trending hashtags #bonfirenight, #fireworknight and #guyfawkesnight. If you have a bricks-and-mortar shop, it’s worth researching to see if there’s a community bonfire being arranged locally – with social distancing in place of course. If you can spare the time – and in some places, the resources – it might be worth volunteering at the event to help get your company known locally, as well as giving you the opportunity to take some fantastic lifestyle photographs to share on social media afterwards.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Whether you’re attending a local bonfire, having your own or simply staying in, why not cook your own traditional bonfire night food? Parkin, treacle toffee and jacket potatoes are very easy to make and you can create some photos, videos and Boomerangs of your progress from start to finish to share with your followers.

The Event: World Kindness Day
Date: 13th November
What you could do for a Business Post: The aim of this event is to remind us all that little acts of kindness can make the world a better place. The Kindness UK website offers inspiration for individuals, schools and businesses and is well worth a read. There’s also an official Facebook Page that you can post to and share details of your random acts of kindness on the day. If you have any products on your online shop that promote kindness, such as inspiration quotes on cups, pens and pictures, or items that will help people be kind, such as vases for flowers and litter pickers, promote these items to encourage your followers to step out of their comfort zone and do their own random act of kindness on the day. You could even create a discount code a week beforehand to reward the customers for taking part in their own random acts of kindness, and encourage them to take photos of what they did so you can share these on your feed during the day itself as an inspiration for others.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Perform an act of kindness yourself and document what you did. It can be something as simple as picking up the litter in a public space or helping someone carry their shopping home. Write about your experience to encourage this conversation with your followers.

The Event: World Nursery Rhyme Week
Date: 16th-20th November
What you could do for a Business Post: The official website for this event is full of resources to give you ideas for what content you should post to get involved, and there’s official accounts on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so you can see how other companies have gotten involved too. If your online shop sells anything nursery rhyme themed, such as childrens’ books or toys, then promote these products in a series of lifestyle posts during the day itself.
What you could do for a Personal Post: What was your favourite nursery rhyme as a child and how many do you remember? Ask this of yourself and your followers, and encourage conversation that way.

The Event: Alcohol Awareness Week
Date: 16th-22nd November
What you could do for a Business Post: This event is aimed to ‘get the UK thinking about drinking’. The official website is full of lots of useful resources, including statistics and facts that could be used in text-style Instagram posts, and there’s an official Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram account should you need some inspiration for the kind of content you should create. If your online shop sells products that provide alternatives to drinking alcohol, such as water bottles, alcohol-free drinks, and soda machines for example, promote these products to your followers to offer them a healthier alternative to alcohol. You could even create a promo code especially for use on the day itself.
What you could do for a Personal Post: If you’re often the designated driver, what are your own favourite non-alcoholic drinks? You could also research some of the damage that regular alcohol consumption can cause and create text-based images to share on your social media during the day too.

The Event: Road Safety Week
Date: 16th-22nd November
What you could do for a Business Post: If you visit the official website, you can download a free action pack to take part in this event. There’s also a lot of social media, full of posts you can share and repost, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Vimeo. If your online shop sells anything related to road safety, especially in terms of vehicle accessories, you need to make sure that these product lines are promoted on the day itself.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Talk to your followers about what car your parents owned when you were a child, and how safety has changed since then? Did you have to sit in a car seat, or were you allowed to tumble about in the boot with the seats down? This starts a conversation about both road safety and nostalgia, especially if you encourage your followers to post a picture of their parents’ car when they respond back to you.

The Event: International Men’s Day
Date: 19th November
What you could do for a Business Post: Formed in 1999, International Men’s Day celebrates the positive value men bring to the word. The official website and Facebook Page offers a host of resources, whilst the Vimeo and Youtube channels list a range of videos which can be shared on your own social media channels. If your online shop sells gifts and products tailored especially for men, you can promote these products with a discount code for the duration of the event and donate to the charity in the name of your company.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Who is the favourite man in your life? It could be a husband, brother, father, grandfather, friend or colleague? Post about what they do that makes them amazing and encourage your followers to follow suit.

The Event: Stir-up Sunday
Date: 22nd November
What you could do for a Business Post: This event harks back to a Victorian tradition, where the Christmas Pudding would be made on this day before being stored for Christmas. You can read more about the tradition on this page and join in with the #stirupsunday hashtag. If your online shop sells kitchen gadgets and crockery that would be used in the preparation of Christmas pudding, then you could promote these items in the run-up to the day itself with a discount code and some lifestyle images.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Have you ever tried to cook your own Christmas pudding? Give it a try, making Boomerangs, photos and videos of your cooking adventure and getting your family involved as the tradition dictates. You can then share this content with your followers on the day.

The Event: Black Friday
Date: 27th November
What you could do for a Business Post: The first Friday after Thanksgiving and the busiest time of year for us at EKM as sales both on the High Street and online are bountiful. This is the event where you can and should run some discounts on items to encourage new customers to your online shop, especially so if your products can be given as Christmas gifts which is what many people shop for on this day. When setting up your discounts, try not to rely on promo codes too much and instead offer discounts by actually reducing the product price and removing that extra barrier for the customer to make the sale.
What you could do for a Personal Post: If you’re braving the High Street on a Friday, you could document your journey with Boomerangs, photos and videos. Alternatively, you could post about what offers online that you’ve managed to take advantage of and encourage your followers to do the same.

The Event: St. Andrew’s Day
Date: 30th November
What you could do for a Business Post: St. Andrew’s Day is typically celebrated with lunchtime ceilidhs (pronounced ‘kay-lees’, meaning to party or visit), storytelling, poetry, Scottish country dancing and the eating of traditional Scottish dishes. If your online shops sells any items with a Scottish motif or Theme, or alternatively kitchen accessories which could be used to cook traditional Scottish dishes, then get these promoted.
What you could do for a Personal Post: It’s a public holiday for our Scottish brethren, so many will be spending their time having a day off. You could ask your Scottish followers what they’re doing to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day or celebrate it yourself and take lots of photos and videos.

The Event: Cyber Monday
Date: 30th November
What you could do for a Business Post: Some online retailers have Black Friday offers that carry on over the weekend with Cyber Monday being the final day that customers can take advantage of these discounts. Other retailers, on the other hand, have separate offers that are only set to take place on Cyber Monday itself. What you choose to do depends on the nature of your online shop and what product lines you carry.
What you could do for a Personal Post: Invoke conversations on your social media with your followers about their Christmas Shopping and ask how much of it they’ve got done so far. Because of the current pandemic, Christmas 2020 is set to involve the highest amount of online shopping when compared to previous years, and as a result, many household names have confirmed that their figures have increased dramatically as consumers have begun to shop online early to beat the rush.

Next month, we’ll be publishing a list of events that are due to run during December 2020 so you can plan ahead for that month too – be sure to subscribe to our blog so you get a notification of when the next month of our Social Media Calendar is published.

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