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Sprinting to success: how to get more stuff done sooner

So many people spend so much time dreaming, planning, strategising, reading books, watching videos, talking, holding meetings… that they never actually get stuff done.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, but at EKM we’ve ensured that we’re always making forward progress by implementing the sprint method: setting new objectives every two weeks.

One of our company’s core values is to make an impact. Spend too long formulating a mega plan and you’ll make no progress. Make small increments often and you’re soon making an impact.

By setting new goals every two weeks, we make progress every two weeks. It’s been revolutionary. It started with our engineering team but it now works across the whole company.

Now, every team at EKM has a ‘sprint review’ every fortnight to asses what’s worked and what hasn’t, then they share with the rest of the team what they’ve achieved.

The main benefits are that outstanding jobs get prioritised and completed much quicker, often because big projects are broken down into manageable chunks. The regular reviews also keep the whole team informed about what’s going on, what we’ve achieved, what we’re working towards and when we can expect it done.

This method also gets rid of perfectionism. Nothing is ever perfect, no matter how hard you try. So every extra day, week, month spent trying to iron out every last wrinkle is lost time. You could have been reaping the rewards of a solution that’s plenty good enough.

In fact, I say that if you’re not embarrassed by your very first version, then you wasted too much time perfecting it. Instead, make it your goal to create something workable in the short term and then implement improvements at regular intervals. You’ll achieve a whole lot more a whole lot quicker.

So, to start, ask yourself this: What impact have you made toward achieving your goals in the last two weeks?

If you’ve made some progress, awesome! But if not? Perhaps you’re hiding behind long term deadlines and you might need the sprint method to help you get off your backside…

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