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#teamEKM – Eve Bolan (eCommerce Expert)

We sat down with Eve, one of our eCommerce Website Experts to learn more about her role at EKM and find out a bit more about her.

 1. Tell me about your role at EKM

“I’m an eCommerce Expert, or as we are better known, ‘Account Managers’ for the Established Plan customers. I’m one of the the Team that support our Established Tier customers offering support not only on the EKM platform, but also on third party sites that can be used in conjunction too. It’s a fantastic role as every day brings new opportunities to learn and as our customers are so varied in terms of industry, there’s no such thing as an ‘average day’. ”


2. Tell me a fun fact about yourself

“My Dad was a computer programmer so I’ve had online access since the birth of the internet and there’s nothing more nostalgic than the sound of a dial-up connection!”


3. What’s your favourite thing about working at EKM?

“Free Spotify…oh and the free snacks and biscuits….oh wait, and we’re getting a gym….so definitely that too!”


4. Give me one eCommerce prediction for the next 3 years

“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been making big inroads making the internet accessible to Third World Countries, so in the next few years I expect the creation of strategies that prioritise mobile functionality to accommodate as many internet users as possible going forwards. “

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