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#teamEKM – John Slater (Lead UI Designer)

We spoke with John, our Lead UI Designer at EKM to learn more about him, his role and what it’s like to work at EKM.

1. Tell me about your role at EKM

“I’m the Lead User Interface designer at EKM. Amongst other things I’m responsible for the overall product design and user experience. Whenever you log into your shop and see something new, or some new gloss added to a button, that’s me. My role also crosses over into me being responsible for the cart and checkout and mobile theme.
I occasionally separate the Yorkshire Tea teabags into singles to make it easier for people to save time when making a brew.”

2. Tell me a fun fact about yourself

“Once on an EKM Christmas night out i fell asleep under a table and ended up being locked in Blackpool Funny Girls (a spectacular drag show), later being rescued by our network administrator. Was a fun night and one I prefer not to talk about. I’ve also been likened to British comedian Al Murray.”


3. What’s your favourite thing about working at EKM?

“Despite how some of the people feel about me, the thing I like the most are the people. I also like how easy it is for my office rumours to spread and inevitably come true.”


4. Give me one eCommerce prediction for the next 3 years

“I think over the next few years Amazon are going to seriously disrupt the courier industry. Amazon Prime’s same day delivery is possible because of Amazon’s massive network of distribution centres and drivers. When they inevitably turn Amazon Logistics into a more widely available delivery service we’re going to see the other big couriers start to scramble to stay competitive. This can only result in a better delivery service for consumers and much cheaper rates for businesses.”