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#teamEKM – Nick Else (Web Designer)

We had a quick chat with Nick, a Web Designer on our Themes team here at EKM to find out more about him, his role at EKM and where he thinks eCommerce is going in the next 3 years.


1. Tell me about your role at EKM

“I’m a Graphic Designer and Front End Web Developer, my main role is to come up with theme concepts and follow them through from the design to the development of them. My main focus is to keep on top of the latest industry trends and figuring out how we can use them on the EKM platform.”


2. Tell me a fun fact about yourself

“I recently got on the healthy living routine and have lost over 124lbs (nearly 9 stone) in the last 14 months! I’m also a huge comic book geek and have Spider-Man, Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles related tattoos.”


3. What’s your favourite thing about working at EKM?

“By far it’s got to be the relaxed dressing code, there was nothing worse than working for other companies and having to wear formal wear in a design job, that’s what makes EKM a better place to work, we get some really great perks and get to feel comfortable whilst we’re here.”

4. Give me one eCommerce prediction for the next 3 years

“The two big ones that I think will be huge are shopper experience and regional growth, so the shopper experience will be hugely developed making it easier for the customer to find and make a purchase, especially from their messaging and social media platforms with them being utilising VR and AR technologies to engage the customer further. I think regional growth will be another big one, especially the Asian market with places like India, Indonesia and China starting to thrive in the ecommerce world, it is suggested that the ecommerce market in Asia-Pacific region will reach $1.4 trillion in 2020, so it’s only going to get bigger and better.”