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#teamEKM – Steven Palmer MRes (Researcher)

Our in-house Researcher, Ste Palmer tells us a little more about himself, his role and his favourite thing about EKM.


 1. Tell me about your role at EKM

“I am the researcher at EKM, and I try to improve EKM for shop owners by applying social science research and analysis methods to the world of ecommerce. If you’ve ever seen a questionnaire asking for your feedback or opinions on a part of EKM or a new feature we’re looking to add, I’m the one that’s created the questionnaire and analysed the results. I also do a large chunk of the internal research and analysis EKM needs as a company.”


2. Tell me a fun fact about yourself

“I have an innate ability to store and recall massive volumes of random facts, much to the delight (or annoyance, I can never really tell) of my colleagues. I can also do a excellent impression of Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.”


3. What’s your favourite thing about working at EKM?

“It’s too difficult to chose just one thing! It’s inspiring to work with a team of individuals with such varied backgrounds and my role itself is also very varied; one day I could be hosting an online focus group, discussing a new feature with EKM shop owners, and the next I could be writing a case study on an EKM shop owner for a book (“How to Sell Online: The Experts’ Guide to Making Your Business More Successful and Profitable Online”, the case study in Chapter 6, just in case you’re interested), or recording a podcast about the facts and stats behind businesses using social media to promote their business.”

4. Give me one eCommerce prediction for the next 3 years

“I think UK and European businesses will begin to make big strides into the Chinese ecommerce market. There’s already hints in the trends that show there’s a demand for non-domestic products in this market, and so far products from Europe and UK are seen as higher quality and more luxurious in comparison to their domestic equivalents. I only see this trend continuing as time goes on.”

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