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The £120m software update

Last year, ekmPowershop launched a brand new checkout experience across its entire ecommerce network. The update went out to more than 20,000 ecommerce websites and the results were even more valuable than their research team anticipated.

A few months after the release, order volumes across the platform are up by 25%, resulting in an increase of around £120m in combined annual turnover.

Early results

At the end of 2015, ekmPowershop released an early insight into the effects of the new checkout on conversion rates. The findings indicated ecommerce conversion rates had begun to benefit from an immediate increase on a sample of websites, and that the final result ‘network wide’ would reflect this.

UK’s Biggest Ecommerce Conversion Rate Study

ekmPowershop’s study is the biggest of its kind, as they power thousands of online shops in the UK. The sheer volume of websites on their platform, and the transactions which flow through them means ekmPowershop’s big data gives more insight into UK online retail than any other single source.

The study has been running since before the introduction of the new checkout and today, the research team have been able to share the results.

A closer look

The following illustrations demonstrate the increase in ecommerce conversion experienced by some of ekmPowershop’s retailers, observed before and after using the new checkout.


Carpet Underlay Shop


carpet underlay scr

The carpet underlay shop was started ten years ago with the hope of selling a range of underlays direct to the public at cost effective prices with a fast and efficient delivery service. Today the carpet underlay shop sells over 50 underlays to customers across the UK. With the new checkout, the shop experienced a 30% increase over a period of 7 days and a 57% increase over 28 days.


lom key



studio 58 scr

Studio 58 offer premium nano ring hair extensions as well as popular training courses in different locations across the UK. With the new checkout, the shop experienced a 35% increase over a period of 7 days and a 24% increase over 28 days.



Bathroom Spare Parts


bathroom spare parts scr


With over 30 years experience, BSP are a market leader in the bathroom accessory and spare parts market. With the new checkout, the shop experienced a 16% increase over a period of 7 days and a 21% increase over 28 days.


A valuable software upgrade

So, what made the new checkout so successful?

Built on best practice guidelines from the Baymard Institute and in house research using behaviour analysis tools such as heat mapping and A/B tests, the new checkout made improvements to the entire checkout process for people shopping on websites built with ekmPowershop. It introduced a seamless, distraction free experience to the most fickle and time sensitive beings in the world – online shoppers.

As well as removing distraction, ekmPowershop’s new checkout was built using the latest CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) techniques such as a multi step flow, progress indicators, in line validation, acute attention to terminology and even the colour of the buttons used to navigate to the order completion stage. Tweaks really do make money.



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