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The coronavirus is kick-starting change at an unprecedented rate

There are those who think that at the end of the coronavirus lockdown, almost like the flick of a switch, everything will go back to how it was in January and February. But it won’t.

People won’t forget how productive working from home can be, how convenient shopping online is, how freeing it is to not have to carry cash. And they’ll remember the brands they were introduced to during these trying times.

Before the lockdown, companies could almost choose to do things they wanted to, regardless of how the customer wanted it. That’s not the case any more. Take Hollywood as one example, the major studios have started to release films onto streaming services even before they debuted in the cinema.

As with so many changes that are being forced upon organisations because of the current situation, that’s just common sense. Why should paying customers be forced to visit a cinema to see a new film? There are many reasons why that isn’t practical or even possible for everyone. And that’s one of the main reasons that internet piracy and illegal downloads exist, which benefits nobody.

It’s in the news that one cinema chain will stop screening films by studios who stream their films at the same time. That’s ridiculous. It reminds me of the wholesalers who won’t sell their goods to shops who only sell online. What’s the point? Purely to serve their own interests. Well, the customer now knows it can go elsewhere. These old-fashioned businesses who refuse to change with the times will get left behind. And they won’t be missed.

The lesson we can all learn from this is that things are changing, and rapidly, largely in favour of the customer. Those who placed customer satisfaction at the heart of what they do are mostly doing just fine right about now. The shop that sells online and delivers is streets ahead of their competition which doesn’t.

Look at your own business. Are you stubborn and resistant to change in a way that serves no purpose?

The coronavirus pandemic has been a terrible thing. But it has also been the kick that so many industries and companies needed. Hopefully, they will be inspired to adapt and evolve, and they’ll emerge stronger from this period of time.

Those who refuse to change, those not steered by entrepreneurial minds, will cease to exist. They were heading that way anyway, this pandemic just sped up their demise.

What you can do

Always consider your customer

The best way to operate a successful business is to serve your customer in the manner that they wish to be served. That means communicating through their preferred channels, selling the way they want to be sold to, and listening to their wants and needs. If you aren’t doing things the way a customer wants, they’ll soon find a competitor who is.

Be open to change

Change can be difficult, change can be scary, but change can be good for you. There are businesses who thought they didn’t need to sell online, businesses who thought virtual meetings weren’t for them, businesses who thought they were just fine only accepting cash. And where are they right now? Playing catch-up to the businesses who already had all of this in place. Change often brings opportunities and by being too stubborn to see this, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

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