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The future of payments – EKM & Klarna

We live in a world of efficiency. Every second counts and only the retailers who respect their customers time will flourish. Online shopping is an experience, and anything short of a great experience from start to finish reflects badly on your business. People enjoy shopping online but when people think of payments they think of a tedious, time consuming form filling.


EKM and Klarna

Our mission is to help every business using EKM to become a roaring success. To achieve this, we need to make sure that every customer has all the right tools to succeed. After helping over 50,000 online shops, you learn to focus on the elements of eCommerce that really push the bar. We see that most abandoned orders happen at the payment stage – a study by the Baymard institute puts this figure at 69 percent of all traffic as of January 2016. A separate study by Business Insider calculates this cost merchants $4 trillion each year. To address this problem we looked far and wide for a payment provider that offers an easy checkout process. We found Klarna.



We have teamed up with Klarna as our recommended gateway as we believe they are years ahead of the market and our unrivalled when it comes to payments and smooth customer experience at checkout.

What makes Klarna different?

Pay after Delivery

Asking customers for credit card details is the reason for most abandoned carts. With Klarna, your customer can grab their product without entering any payment information. Klarna will pay you directly and settle the invoice with your customer after 14 days.

Always get paid

Klarna assume all the risk with every transaction, so you always get paid.

Easier checkout

Klarna checkout is quick and easy to complete, so your customers will have no reason to abandon their order.

How to get Klarna

If you’re an existing customer of EKM, here’s a guide on how to install Klarna on your EKM account. If not and you’re looking to sell online, signup now for your own online shop with Klarna checkout included.


What are you waiting for?

Your own successful online shop is just a click away