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The horrors of Black Friday

Piercing screams, blood smattered faces, the noise of crunching bone as sirens slice the backdrop of the dark, black night. Relatives scratching around anxiously for a sight of their loved ones, clambering through crazed crowds of zombie like figures, foaming at the mouth as the feeding frenzy rages on.

It sounds like something from a Walking Dead trailer, but it was something far darker, far blacker and far bigger than that. It was Black Friday, and most of us have seen the news footage of rabid, bargain fuelled shoppers on ‘the monster’ of all shopping days.

This new craze came crashing to our shores from the USA, for the first time properly this year. It was intended to kick start physical sales for Christmas on the UK’s high street and it seems the intended hype worked a treat. ‘Black Friday’ will be forever etched on the minds and the psyche of the Great British shopping public.

American Police officers coined the term ‘Black Friday’ many years ago due to it being one of their busiest ever days, as they attended scenes similar to those seen here in the UK last Friday. The British public and their ghoulish behaviour have certainly kept the ‘spirit’ of Black Friday alive. And what a dark spirit it was…

Asda officials grapple with a Black Friday zombie


There’s bargain thirsty ‘walkers’ everywhere!


Women and children aren’t safe here!


Sales over the internet were up slightly on the same day last year (8%), but the hype was to get people in store – so we didn’t expect a monstrous day on the ekmPowershop network. There’s a reason why Cyber Monday follows Black Friday…


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