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Try something new experiment: “Sourcing products”

In the last episode, I was amazed and how much can be done with an avocado, but the problem still persisted that it was impossibly hard to get into! I was also convinced that if I was having this problem, there must be other people having similar problems, so I did my research.

I set out to find ways to get into an avocado without making a mess. Being the millennial that I am, my first point of call was Google. After a bit of digging, it became clear that the normal way to get into an avocado was by using one of the these, an avocado knife.



After further digging, I found that you could pick these tools up for quite cheap, the only problem was that were being listed on amazon and shipped from the US, which meant there would be an inconvenient delay before I received my product.

I decided to have a look in my local supermarket to see if they stocked any of these tools. To my amazement and dismay, they didn’t stock anything of the sort!



Gap in the market

I pondered on this for a day and it got me thinking, if I can source these products for cheap, and they’re clearly tricky to get your hands on a single unit quickly in the UK, why don’t I scratch my own itch and see if I could fill the obvious gap in the market and sell them myself!


Sourcing the products

I’d decided that I was confident that there was a gap in the market and that I could fill it myself. If I was going to turn this into a business, I needed to source the products cheap so I could flip them for a profit, so I went to the only place I knew, Alibaba. Alibaba is essentially a wholesale website that skips out the middlemen and allows you to buy directly from manufacturers in China. The catch is that you usually have to buy bigger quantities.



In the case of my experiment, however, I wanted to see if there was actually demand for these products and was willing to pay a little extra for the luxury of only buying a couple. I headed over to AlibabaExpress which lets you buy products at slightly discounted rates but way and above wholesale price. 

As it stands, I’m waiting for my product to arrive from China. You can see my full journey so far here.

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