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How trying something new turned into an online business

At EKM, we come across a lot of online startup stories and it’s hard not to recognise patterns here and there. What never fails to amaze me, however, is how the smallest and most humble of ideas can actually become a legitimate businesses. Many of the successful entrepreneurs using EKM to host their website are people who just had an idea in their bedroom and made the decision to ‘give it a go’ and see what happens.

As a team, we became obsessed with the concept of ideas. The things about ideas is that anybody can have them and they aren’t subject to a few elite people. What’s more, this internet thing gave us an equal playing field and made it possible for the average Joe to take an idea and build it into something bigger. Myself and the team have spent a lot of time telling would-be entrepreneurs that they can do it and to ‘just give it a go’, so to prove how easy the process is, we decided to try it ourselves.

Trying something new

First of all, we needed an idea. It often seems like ideas pop out of nowhere while you’re driving down the M6 or eating your breakfast and it’s hard to ‘manufacture’ an idea (If you already have an idea, I wrote a free eBook on how to get set up and selling online). We decided the best way to get around this is to try something new and put yourself in a different environment than you’re used to. So, as a team we decided that somebody should try something new and see if any inspiration followed.

After much discussion, it soon became clear that I was going to be the lab rat. I learned from my colleagues that I would be the perfect person to try something new as my diet was very plain and rarely varied from the standard daily chicken and rice. So, in a bid to get the creative juices flowing, the team placed me in a room with a table, a fork and a strange looking fruit which I later found out to be an avocado. Bare with me…

Digging a little deeper

After doing a little digging, it didn’t take long to discover how popular this little fruit was. What was also interesting to me was not only how popular they were but what they represent. A quick search on Instagram showed me everything I needed to know. Avocado wasn’t just a tasty fruit that can compliment any dish, but it was also the poster boy for people who live a healthy lifestyle, almost a badge on the belt per say.


This little fruit (and products related to it) seemed to be on an upwards trend, so to confirm my assumptions, I decided to search Google trends to see if avocado is growing in popularity over the last few years.


Clearly becoming more popular

There must be a better way

The one problem I found was that avocado’s are difficult to get into without making a mess (as you can see from my attempt below).


I began researching for better ways, and I found this handy little tool:

Problem solved! So naturally I went online and tried to find where I could buy them from and after searching I was struggling to find a UK supplier. In fact, at the time it seemed you could either only import from manufacturers in China or import from the USA. I found this slightly annoying as I was hoping to get the product with next day delivery (which wasn’t possible when ordering from China). After getting frustrated searching online, I decided to search in my local supermarket.

Dispair; Turns out Asda don’t stock these products either!

As you can probably tell from the photo above, my search in the supermarket proved ‘unfruitful’. The supermarket seemed to stock literally every kitchen appliance except the one I was looking for.

Scratching my own itch

So there I was with a problem (avocado’s are difficult and messy to get into), a solution (the avocado scoop) but I had no way of getting my hands on it in the short term. Then it clicked, if I’m having this problem there must be other people having the same problem, why not sell these things myself? I’ve flipped things for a profit before so why would this be any different? I set about looking for a supplier from china that would give me a few units just to test the business idea. I wrote a full blog about sourcing products which you can find here. Long story short, I only wanted to order a few units so that I was only sat on a few units and didn’t waste too much money if it flopped. I headed over to AliExpress and found a few units for a reasonable price. Here’s the product in action:


Building an online business

With the product in stock and an unprecedented surge of motivation and excitement, it was time to build an online shop that I could sell my products through. I headed over to and started my 14 days free.

While I got my initial details set up and decided on a name for my shop, I was assigned a dedicated EKM Account Manager who was there to help me get my shop set up and ready to sell quickly. I decided on the name ‘Aveocado (ave-a-cado get it?) and chose a theme that would suit my brand nicely (plenty of greens and browns as you could imagine. Here’s a short video of my Account Manager, Sarah helping me get my shop set up in minutes.



So there it is! Aveocado! If you’re an avocado lover like myself, you can head over to Aveocado and grab your avocado knife now!



To see my full journey from trying something new to building an online business here.

If you have an idea and would like to set up your own online business today, head over to EKM and start your 14 days free today!