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Two new Web Developers join EKM’s Engineering Team

In August 2020, EKM had the pleasure of adding two experienced developers to the Engineering department. We sat down with them to learn a bit more about their background and what they are looking forward to as a part of the EKM team.

Connor Jolley

Web Developer – Platform Squad
From: Blackrod (Hometown Wigan)

Andrew Clarke

Web Developer – Shop Management Squad
From: Rainhill

What are you likely to be drinking at your desk?

Connor: Pepsi Max
Andrew: Coffee to start the day, another coffee mid-morning to keep me awake, more coffee after lunch and then if it’s a long day, more coffee to get me over the line. Coffee is served black, I don’t even like the taste, but it’s powers are borderline magic.

What sort of hobbies do you like to do outside of work?

Connor: Play games, mainly World of Warcraft
Andrew: I row for Warrington Rowing Club, I’ve only been doing it for just over a year and it would have been a successful year if it wasn’t for Covid! The medals will still be there for me to win next year – I’m overly competitive. If I’m not rowing or training for rowing I’m walking my Newfoundland, Ben. Then there’s football (LFC) and Netflix for the spaces in between.

Do you have a background with ecommerce?

Connor: I did freelance website development for local small businesses in my spare time whilst working other jobs and when I was at University.
Andrew: No previous e-commerce experience, but worked 3 years as a software developer for the Health and Safety Executive.

How have your first few days/weeks been so far?

Connor: My colleagues seem really friendly, relaxed and easy to talk to.
Andrew: I’ve been very impressed by how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I’ve met my team and I think we’re going to get on like a house on fire.

Have you worked remotely before? What bits about WFH are you excited about? What bits are you worried about?

Connor: I’ve worked from home since about a month before lockdown, I enjoy not having to commute and spending time at home with my fiancée.
Andrew: My last job was fully remote since the start of Covid so this is no different; I like the added flexibility around start and end times and not having to worry about the commute. I also work next to a fridge, so I don’t even have to get up to get food.

Is there anything else you think we might like to know?

Connor: I have a bachelor’s degree in Computing and Software Development, I proposed to my fiancée on top of an inactive volcano, my parents have a black Labrador Retriever and the longest I can go without sleep is 38 hours.
Andrew: My rowing team won the English Indoor rowing competition in February.

We are so excited to welcome these two to our amazing team!

Want to be a part of something special? If you’re interested in becoming a part of EKM, visit our careers page to find available positions.

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