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Unleash the power of video on your customers

In my previous article we discussed how implementing a video strategy can have a positive effect on your eCommerce business, how it can help improve customer confidence, reduce returns and also help with your on site SEO. Building on this, we’re going to be taking a deeper look into the different types of video available and how you can utilise these to provide your customer with a better experience on your website.

There are numerous ways in which you could implement a video strategy into your ecommerce business. The biggest limiting factors are creativity and of course your budget.  That, however,  doesn’t necessarily mean you need a huge budget to be able to create a video strategy that works for your business. There are lots of cost efficient ways to approach using online video in your marketing strategy.

Here are a few examples of the different types of video that could work for you and your customers.

Product Videos are detailed videos about a specific product or range of products. The content of these will vary depending on the product you’re selling but the goal remains the same, to bring your product to life. If you’re selling electronics then you may want to show the product working and briefly look at some of the main features so that the customer gets a better understanding of what the product does and how it works. Alternatively a fashion retailer may opt to feature a model wearing their items in a similar way to how they would with images, but with the added bonus of being able to see the items in a real life context, as opposed to a static image.

Example Product Video :


Customer Service Videos can be used to help improve customer relations by answering commonly asked questions from your customer services department, such as how a product works or what its uses are. This type of video can allow you to directly connect with your customer and reduce support costs by answering questions in an easy-to-understand visual manner. A furniture shop, for example, could use this type of video to show customers how to correctly assemble their products.

Example Customer Service Video :


Product Usage Tips can also provide an added benefit to your customers by educating them on how to use your products or how they could combine products for better results which could in turn help with the up selling of additional items. A fashion retailer could benefit from this type of video by showing customers how to combine various items to create a particular look or style, or how to accessorise an outfit to give it that wow factor.

Example Product Usage Video :


If your business already has a customer base then you may want to consider incorporating user generated content (UGC) into your online video strategy. Using platforms such as Vine or Instagram you can ask your customers to create their own short videos showcasing a product they have purchased from you previously, or just how much they love your company. This type of strategy has additional benefits and can help improve your businesses social media coverage and increase your number of followers. You have the option to turn this into a competition with prizes available to help encourage your existing customers as well as potential customers to get involved, in a similar way that some companies run competitions on Facebook or Twitter. When you’ve had all the entries in, you may want to consider creating a composition of your favourite ones to include in your online shop and social media channels.


Those are just a few examples of how you could implement video into your online marketing strategy, but you’re not limited to just those. With a bit of imagination you could come up with your own ideas and possibly start your own new trend, the only thing you need is a little imagination.


Author: Dean Morgan is a Video Marketing Expert at ekmPowershop.com, the UK’s leading hosted eCommerce website solution.

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