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Social media 101 : “What type of content you should be posting on Instagram”

Instagram have all the qualities of a niche, almost ‘cult’ following whilst still being a mainstream app. It’s audience skews slightly younger than Facebook and Twitter which makes it attractive to businesses selling directly to these demographics. The main asset that Instagram has is the attention of it’s audience. Being the very visual platform that it is, when you post content, your audience will spend more time consuming it compared to Facebook and Twitter which makes it an incredible marketing tool. Before getting into the details, here’s a few stats about Instagram and it’s audience:

[quote]-500+ million users

-Mainly 18-34 year olds

-Women slightly prefer it (31% women / 24% Men)[/quote]

We could dive deeper into Instagram demographics, however I think to start with these stats tell us enough. We know that it’s audience skews younger and towards a female audience. This makes it perfect for businesses selling apparel, accessories or any visual consumer product aimed at a younger market. This doesn’t go to say that if you’re not selling women’s apparel Instagram in insignificant for your business.

Tell your story

I’ll get detailed with tips and tactics later on in this post, but as a precursor to that, we need to get fluffy for a second… It’s the job of any business, big or small, to tell their story. If people relate to your story and take some value from it, they will be lifetime followers. People don’t buy Apple because of their superior technology, we know this because if you look closely their technology isn’t even superior to the rest of the market. The reason people buy (and will continue to buy) Apple is because of what buying Apple products says about them. Again, what people share on social is a reflection of how they wish to be seen by their peers. Instagram is your best shot at telling the market what you’re about and why they should jump on board.

How to tell your story

First of all, don’t over complicate it, you don’t need a Phd in Marketing Psychology to effectively tell your story. Don’t be scared of posting or else you end up with paralysis by analysis and nothing will get done. To tell your story, simply post anything that represents your brand message.

For instance, here at EKM, we stand for the underdog, the entrepreneur who decided to live on his/her own terms and build the lifestyle they want. On our Instagram, you’ll find photos that convey this message. One way we do this is by posting quotes to inspire our followers to keep pushing towards their goals. We also believe that businesses are people and not machines, which is why you’ll find loads of behind the scenes snaps of the people that make EKM what it is.



Now you have a north star for what you want to be doing on Instagram, here’s some practical tactics that you can begin implementing today to get more results.


It may seem obvious, but if the the photo’s that you publish on ‘insta’ aren’t visually appealing, you’re going to struggle to get the desired effect. Photography technology of the past has been commoditised to the point that the average person has all of the same tools as the professionals did 10 years ago, within a free app! Most smartphones today have a decent camera so, the quality of the image shouldn’t be a problem. Be sure to utilise filters to give your images more character.

#this #that

Hashtags categorise your posts with other related images that people can browse through. The key to effective hashtags is knowing your audience. Learn about the popular hashtags in your industry. For instance if you’re selling fitness apparel, hashtags such as #fitspo (fitness inspiration), #workout, #health, #fitness would be relevant to your audience.

Look through an established competitors account and see what hashtags they’re using, this will give you a good place to start. Don’t be afraid to use 10, 20 or even 25 hashtags on your posts. The aim is to be seen everywhere your post is relevant.

Overlay your logo

By adding your logo to your photos you will benefit from extra brand recognition and network effect. This will take a little bit of extra work, but will be worth the recognition in the long run.


Post consistently

Research shows that the pages that post 2-3 times a day have the most followers. By ensuring you stay ‘top of mind’ to your followers will help them build a better relationship with your brand and be more invested in what you have to say.

“Tag a friend”

Asking your followers to tag a friend in a post means is an easy way of reaching a new audience. However, success using this tactic will require a deep understanding of your followers and their interests. Somebody will only ‘tag a friend’ if it’s in their shared interests.


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Next up, we’ll discuss how to build a content strategy.

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