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What types of content work on Facebook?

In the past two articles concerning Facebook we have been looking at how to set up a Facebook business page and we’ve looked at how to structure a Facebook post on said business page. This time we will have a look at the content that will help you gain likes, increase your reach and good ways to get some engagement and conversation going. Posting shareable content is key if the aim of your facebook page is to attract new potential customers and to spread the gospel of your online-shop.


What type of posts get the most likes and shares

Comedy is a great type of content to get the shares and likes flying in. Whether it’s memes that you can relate to your industry, or maybe an occasional completely off-topic post, or a video that is currently going viral. All these can be used by you to get your name out there through the power of liking, sharing and commenting. Rotten E-cards are also a crowd pleaser, get shared a lot and are really easy to create. Get creative!

inspirational quoteQuotes might seem very corny at times, but people love them and they really love sharing them with others who will then do the same.


If you look at the amount of likes and shares you can roughly estimate the amount of views it will have had. Numbers will have reached way past the 100k, which is an enormous reach for your name to travel. The good thing with quotes is that they can be very relevant to the nature of your business. There are plenty of smart people who have said something about everything. Finding something shouldn’t take too long. Make sure you package it attractively on a nice background with a nice font to enhance the message of your quote.


Bucket List Posts are something you can use in almost any industry. Think of what the pinnacle in your industry would be. If you are selling holiday supplies for example you could have a “I always wanted to go to ____________” post where your customers can insert their preferred location and maybe an image. Or make it a “Like and Share if you’d also like to be here right now”, together with the picture of a relevant location.

Motivational/Inspirational Images. There are several sites out there that will let you create images to share on Facebook. LiveLuvCreate is one of these sites. You can choose from hundreds of background images and write whatever you want over them. Motivational quotes are always a crowd pleaser.

what content works on facebook

Site Updates, Blog Posts and your Products. You will obviously also want to post updates from your shop to your Facebook page. Do you have a particularly exciting new product that you want to share with your customers? Have you got a sale going on? Have you written a blog post that will create some traction? You will need a good headline that will get your fans clicking the link and wanting to see what you have to say. Depending on how long they stay on your page and whether they then comment or like your page, the Facebook engine decides where you will appear and rank on people’s Newsfeeds.

When it comes to advertising your products on your Facebook business page you need to make sure that your posts are visually very appealing. Don’t just post a link to said product as it will not gain any interest. You need to try and show it off visually. A visually appealing post about your products will get people clicking and makes them more likely to share your products with their friends. The more social your products are, the better. You will soon find out which of your products gain the most traction and you can share these products periodically. These might change depending on the seasons and possible popular trends, so you need to constantly be testing what works and what doesn’t.

Make sure you don’t burden your posts with too much text either. The leading brands will always keep their product posts on under 100 characters.

When dealing with customer complaints it is advisable to, if possible, respond to their posts with a link to a product that might be of interest to them. They might think something is out of stock, or they can’t find something and this will help you in getting that sale. Or use that opportunity to upsell an item.

If a customer has done something with one of your products, say they’ve bought a piece of furniture and they’ve incorporated it into a beautiful room, then you should use that opportunity and share this content. There’s no better endorsement than being able to share something positive that a customer has said or shown about you and your products. It will also encourage other customers to do the same. They see you sharing one of your customers pictures and they will also want to be shared, which gives you a steady stream of user created content. The best kind of endorsement there is!

what content works on facebook


Quotes about Mum/Dad/Sisters/Aunties/Grandmas – Something that gets shared a lot at the moment are posts about family members. For example: “The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother”. Put Something like that on a nice background and it will practically share itself.



Competitions. Competitions are a good way to draw in new likes and to get some traffic to your website. Facebook have a few rules for competitions that you need to follow. You can ask people to like a post to enter, you can ask people to comment on a post to enter, you can ask them to private message to enter and you can ask them to post on your wall to enter the competition. However you can’t ask them to share the post, you can’t ask them to invite people to enter and you can’t ask them to tag themselves in content that they are not depicted in to enter.

There are loads of software solutions that can help you set up a competition on your Facebook page and on any other social page that you want to run your competitions on. A lot of them you will have to pay for, but it does take away a lot of the hassle from you. This is a huge bonus, especially if the competition takes off. Software such as Gleam.io will help you setting up a visually appealing competition that will allow you to publish your competition on multiple platforms.


After having a look at these different variations of Facebook posts we can see that there are many things you can try to get your Facebook presence started or for you to expand on your already exisiting Facebook presence.

For an even further insight into great Facebook content, we suggest reading Contagious Content by Brian Carter and Marketo.

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