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WhatsApp announces QR codes for business users

Announced in early July 2020, WhatsApp has introduced QR codes for small businesses to more easily connect with their customers.

Purchased by Facebook in 2014 for $19.6 billion, WhatsApp has continued to grow exponentially since its acquisition. The social messaging app currently boasts 1.5 billion users worldwide, making it the second most used product in the Facebook empire.

The newly announced QR codes can be placed easily on product packaging, receipts, storefronts or advertisements.

When a smartphone camera is aimed at the QR code, the user will be taken to their WhatsApp app and into a direct message with the business. In the text box a (customisable) prepared message will appear, which the user can edit or send quickly.

WhatsApp says that its new feature is part of a plan to help connect customers and merchants as businesses look to re-open post COVID-19 and grow their online presence. The pandemic had a noticeable impact on many small businesses, forcing many to move to ecommerce for the first time in order to reach their customers as storefronts closed.

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