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Why you should be shopping small in 2020

As a company, our motto is to do something you love and our entire business is about helping people start their own businesses and becoming their own bosses. So we’re avid supporters of shopping small.

If shopping small isn’t something you tend to do too often, we’re going to talk through the benefits of shopping small and how small business owners, just like our customers’ benefit.

Supporting your local community

Shopping small whether that be online or on the high street supports your local community and other communities when you shop online. This not only helps them grow their business but you are investing in your local community and helping to keep small businesses on your high street.

Brick and mortar shops have to pay business rates which are set by the government and collected by the local council. This is then split by the government and the local council that business operates in and helps to fund things like schools, parks, roads etc.

Now more than ever the options to serve your local community online are growing, including many free local ecommerce platforms.

Economic impact

According to the Federation of Small Business, at the start of 2019 there were 5.8 million small businesses which account for 99.3% of total businesses in the UK with a turnover estimated at £2.2 trillion. Small businesses have a huge impact on our economy and are the main type of business in the UK employing 16.6 million people.

As the majority of businesses every year, SMEs are making a hugely significant impact to our economy, creating new services or products, and creating more job opportunities. In short, shopping small helps our SMEs grow and in turn strengthen our economy.

The personal touch

As a small business, most owners highly value every customer they have. Which is why you’ll experience a higher level of customer service when shopping at independent retailers. They’ll also be able to offer a more personalised service, both online and offline.

Some small online retailers include a handwritten thank you note with each order and shop owners on the high street will get to know you by name. Their customer service levels can be one of their biggest competitive advantages over larger retailers who cannot offer this level of service of personability.

Bringing back community

As mentioned earlier, when buying from smaller retailers you’re supporting your community. Not only this but you’re also helping to build the community. Shopping small in your own local area, you’re likely to get to know the business owners and help to build a sense of community. While you may think small retailers may not have as much in the way of product range, usually if you ask them for something specific they’ll go out of their way to try and fulfil your request and hope that you become a loyal and returning customer.

Here are a few ways that you can support your local community by shopping small.

  • Shop at your independent retailers and get to know them by name
  • Sign up for their loyalty programmes (you also benefit from this too)
  • Share your shopping experiences on social media and use #shopsmall
  • Tell your friends and family about great local businesses near you
  • When shopping online look for a small retail alternative rather than Amazon


If you’d like to learn more about setting up your own online shop, you can speak to our ecommerce experts on 0333 004 0333 or request a callback here.

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