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Coming Soon Launching October 2023

Making your online shop faster, easier to manage and more powerful.

Exciting free updates coming soon!

predictive search

Predictive Product Search

Help your shoppers find what they want faster! With our new search feature, visitors can quickly spot the products they're after. A smoother shopping trip can mean more happy customers!

new user interface

New Look and Faster Loading Admin

We're giving the place where you manage your shop a fresh new look. It's easier to use, quicker, and just feels better. From adding products to checking orders, everything's getting a tune-up.

AI assistant

Easy Content Creation with AI

Struggling with what to write on your shop? We've got your back. Our new feature helps create descriptions, web page content, and even blog posts. It's like having a helpful assistant who's great with words.

Gaining Access

We want to make running an online shop as easy as possible for you. These new additions are all about making things smoother, simpler, and better. We'll roll some of these new features out for feedback purposes in EKM Labs, so you can try them out before their full launch.

"This is the version of EKM our customers expect and deserve! We've listened, we're evolving, all to become a better platform for our amazing and loyal customers. These changes come from a shift in the industry, alongside a vast number of requests from our customer base to develop them. Although this is just the start, and a lot of it will be in beta, I'm very excited to see how it's received and further update it to deliver something special."

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Michael Brownlee
Head Of User Experience