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Processing orders

Easily view, process and manage your customers and orders.

Manage orders effortlessly

Stay organised and manage your customers and orders in one place.

View customers & orders online

Access your orders and customer database from any device with an internet connection.

View your orders on the go

The EKM app, available on Android, iPhone and iPad, allows you to view your orders on the go.

Take control of your business

Gain full visibility across your entire online business.

Link with other systems

Link your EKM, ebay and Amazon accounts and manage all of your orders in one place.

Multiple staff logins

Give your staff their own unique login and manage their access levels.

View all back office integrations
And that's not all...
Order Restrictions

Set custom location and weight restrictions to your orders.

Customer tools

Verify customer addresses, view maps of where they live and see their IP address.

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