Evolution Updates

May 2022

New Features Manager

This update to the Features Manager sees changes to its layout and an easier search function for your existing installed features. We’ve also segmented our features to help you navigate which ones maybe useful to you, depending on your goals. Categories such as;

  • Made By EKM – Features made by our development team at EKM
  • Marketing – Helping you to find new ways to attract new and existing customers to your website.
  • Shop Management – To keep evolving your shop and help it grow.
  • Sales Channels – Features to help you branch out and sell your products on other channels.

And more including, Customer Service, Product Management, Couriers and Conversions

Full guide on Features Manager


PitchPrint is a Web-to-Print platform you connect to your online shop that enables your customers to personalize any of your products and preview them in 3D before placing orders.

With PitchPrint 3D preview, your customers get to view their customization on the product and can pan around or zoom to any angle in 3D. This greatly enhances their experience and confidence to make a purchase.

Learn more about PitchPrint


Quickbooks by EKM Apps allows you to automatically synchronise orders from your EKM Shop into Quickbooks’s accounting software. It’s quick and easy to set up and saves you valuable time to focus on running your business.

Quickbooks support guide

ClearAccept – AMEX

ClearAccept offers the lowest rates of all the payment solutions available on EKM and with this update it now allows shoppers to checkout using American Express cards. This applies to both online and via ClearAccept card machines.

Learn more about ClearAccept

April 2022

Product Calculators

Calculators are an ideal addition for your online shop if you sell paint, fabric, flooring, wallpaper or any product where your customer needs an exact measurement or to know how many boxes or rolls of an item they will need to cover a certain area.

There are now five different Product Calculators available on the EKM online shop platform, each for a different product type and all allow an option for wastage, which when ticked, the system can round up, so that the customer can choose to have slightly more than what they need to allow for mistakes.

Full guide on Product Calculators


Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping and wholesale platform designed to help retailers find products to sell in their online store from reliable suppliers. With Syncee you can find the right dropshipping products for your store instantly. Choose from reliable suppliers and build a long-lasting partnership with the ones who provide everything you need.

Browse millions of products and explore dropshipping suppliers from the US, EU, AU, and all over the world.

Learn more about Syncee


Our EPOS Now integration enables you to manage your EKM shops data with your EPOS till system. If you have a physical store and want to synchronise your orders & keep your stock up to date no matter where you sell. EPOS Now is a really flexible EPOS solutions built to work with many industries and can be managed from anywhere in the world via any device.

Learn more about EPOS Now

Aerial Theme Variants

Our User Experience team have added some fresh new looks to our Aerial theme that are catered around specific industries, to give you some inspiration when either creating your online shop or maybe giving your site an update with our latest theme – Aerial.

At the moment these variants change the Themes Color Scheme, Default Images used and Content to suitable alternatives depending on what industry you maybe operating in, including sectors such as Animals and Pets, Food and Drink, Clothing and Accessories, gifts and more!

Have a browse and see what’s possible with your Aerial theme in the Design section of your EKM Dashboard.

Trade Discounts Categories

As ever, we are always looking to improve our current features and to ensure they have the functionality you need. We’ve improved our trade discounts feature to provide the ability to create price lists based on categories rather than products.

Full Trade Discount guide

March 2022

Gift Cards (Phase 2)

You may remember that we launched our new gift cards feature last year, we’ve now released Phase 2 of the feature which allows shop owners to customise the product image, to add an image of their choosing and edit the description of the gift card product.

Additionally, a “recipient email” functionality has been added, meaning that the buyer can have the digital gift card sent directly to the gift card’s recipient, so perfect for that last minute present.

Gift cards are a great way to encourage repeat purchases and bring new customers to your EKM online shop.

This feature is available for customers on EKM’s Standard, Advanced, and Pro plans. If you’re currently on EKM’s Basic plan, you can upgrade your account and begin offering Gift Cards today.

For more information on how to utilise the Gift Cards feature, you can visit our dedicated support guide.

View the full guide to Gift Cards

Accessibility Enabler

Accessibility Enabler is software that helps your visitors to personalise your site based on their needs. It also helps you (the website owners) to increase website compliance with accessibility laws.

Providing more than 30+ accessibility tools that your visitors can apply on any page of your website, it makes consuming and navigating your website easy for people with dyslexia and other disabilities.

As an EKM customer, you have access to the free-lite version. The free-lite version comes with an orange banner at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This will be removed with the full paid version of Accessibility Enabler.

Learn more about Accessibility Enabler

Feedback Thursday

You will have already seen the introduction of EKM Labs, which allows you to test our new features early, give feedback and we can gain ideas from you so we can evolve the feature before releasing it fully on the EKM online shop platform.

Our next improvement is the introduction of Feedback Thursdays. Every Thursday moving forward, the entire UX/UI Team here at EKM will be dedicating their Thursdays to speaking to EKM online shop owners.

These sessions will be treated like our usability sessions where we show off ideas and solutions that are still in the design stage or even speak to you about a specific issue to find out more details.

These sessions will be available to attend in person at our EKM HQ in Preston, Lancashire, remotely over your laptop (via Zoom) or in some rare cases, we can come to you. If you choose to do it remotely, please make sure you have a microphone and camera on your laptop.

If you’re interested in helping to further develop the EKM online shop platform, please use the link below to book yourselves in, and a member of the UX/UI Team will be in contact with you shortly:

Book your Feedback Thursday session

February 2022

EKM Labs

One of the most exciting developments here at EKM in recent times is the brand new EKM Labs. EKM Labs is brought to you by our Development Team and is where you can see what projects they’re working on at the moment and if you’d like, try these out for yourself before their official release date.

When a new feature for the EKM online shop platform reaches the final phases of creation, our Development Team will add it to EKM Labs, and you can decide if you’d like to have a sneak peek and try it out on your own EKM online shop.

Features added to EKM Labs are in what is referred to as ‘beta testing’. This means that the individual features have been created by our Development Team, tested internally and are in the very final stages of production.

This is a great way of making sure we continue to make a platform that works for you and to get your feedback before official feature releases.

The first new feature in EKM Labs is the much requested feature of EKM Blogs. This is our brand new fully integrated blog for your site and replaces the old legacy WordPress Blog feature.

A blog is a great way to encourage customers to form a relationship with you, your products and your brand; it’s a great way to create content and help create backlinks to your own EKM online shop, which in turn can help you display higher in search engine results.

Sign up for EKM Labs, give Blogs a try and check out our support guides for loads more info.

View the full guide to EKM Labs

ClearAccept Virtual Terminal

If you’ve signed up with ClearAccept then you can now not only take payments via your website but also on the phone and in person with the brand new ClearAccept Virtual Terminal. It’s really easy to do and we’ve got a full guide for you over on EKM Support.

Don’t forget that ClearAccept provides the lowest rates available on EKM.

View the full guide to ClearAccept


Poptin is a user-friendly popup builder that lets you create high-converting pop ups and embedded forms in minutes. It has a collection of customizable and highly responsive templates; from lightboxes, slide-ins, overlays, bars, widgets, contact forms, email forms, social pop ups, and so much more.

By optimizing your designs with the right trigger and targeting rule, you can easily convert the most relevant customer for your brand. Even so, once your pop up campaign has been launched on your EKM website, you can keep track of your performance through Poptin’s built-in analytics.

With Poptin, you can significantly reduce things like cart abandonment, drive more email signups, generate more qualified leads, and improve your overall EKM sales conversion rate.

Learn more about Poptin


With Snuggle, you can connect your EKM shop to Snuggle’s print on demand platform to automate the fulfilment of your printed orders. Prefer to order manually or in bulk? No problem – you can get your printed orders shipped to you directly.

Learn more about Snuggle

Two Fifteen

Two Fifteen is a fully integrated print on demand service for EKM merchants. It offers 1-5 day dispatch, UK production facilities, full customer support and a complete white label solution with no mention of Two Fifteen so you can really cater it around your own brand.

Learn more about Two Fifteen

December 2021

Select all in URL Redirects

We recently revamped our URL Redirects feature, this improvement helped with migrating sites over from other platforms but also creating shorter more user-friendly links amongst other things. We have now created the functionality to select all of your URL Redirects should you want to delete all at the same time.

View the full guide to URL Redirects

Add Placeholder text in text areas and boxes for Product Options via a spreadsheet

If you add and edit Product Options using a spreadsheet, we’ve now created the ability to add a placeholder/default entry into Text Boxes and Text Areas. This will be displayed in the input field and will provide a hint of what is expected. Simply add the column ‘Option Placeholder’ to your spreadsheet to add the text that you would like to be in the field.

View the full guide to Add Product Options using a spreadsheet


When promoting your store and products, it’s vital to use all the marketing tools at your disposal and create content that is going to grab your potential customers’ attention.

We’ve teamed up with Promo, an online video making tool, to help you create short videos and animations to showcase your products and offers. This is a really user-friendly platform that doesn’t require any previous video editing experience to use and has over 3,000 easy-to-use video templates including footage, copy, and licensed music.

You can try it for free, just head to the features section in your EKM Dashboard.

Learn more about PROMO

November 2021

Product Bundles

Our new Product Bundles feature is now live. This highly requested feature will enable you to easily group items that customers frequently buy together without the need to search around your site for the individual items to add to their basket. 

This can provide a better user experience and can be a great way to upsell products and attain a higher average basket.

If you’d like to find out more about Product Bundles then catch our dedicated video with a brief explanation of how to install and use the feature or head to our comprehensive support guide.

View the full guide to Product Bundles


Making sure your checkout user experience is as streamline as possible is incredibly important so we’re delighted to have teamed-up with Fetchify. 

With Fetchify’s address auto-complete, when customers start entering their address in your checkout, real-time address results will be displayed as they type. Not only does this save your customers time, it improves address accuracy and can increase checkout conversions by up to 40%!

After installation, you can sign up for a Fetchify account which you can use for 14 days completely free!

Learn more about Fetchify


EKM has teamed up with ClearAccept to offer low payment rates and excellent UK based customer service. ClearAccept provide;

  • Our lowest rate for credit and debit card payments 
  • Special pricing for online turnover of £1m+
  • Fast payout time of 3 working days after the transaction
  • No monthly fees
  • No PCI fee
  • No merchant bank account is required
  • No long contracts

Learn more about ClearAccept

Paypal pay in 3

Another way to give your customers more buying power is Paypal’s Pay in 3. This is one of PayPal’s Pay Later offers included in PayPal Checkout. By offering Pay in 3, you’re empowering your customers with more flexibility to make purchases. They can pay over time, interest free while you can see higher sales and more repeat business.

If you’re using Paypal and want to enable this feature, make sure you click “Show Pay Later Messaging” in the Paypal section of your payment settings.

URL redirects

Our revamped URL Redirects Feature replaces the 301 Redirects and is used to redirect visitors from one URL to another.

For example, if you have had your content hosted on another e-commerce platform previously, you can install the URL Redirects Feature and configure it so visitors that click on the URLs for your old Category and Product pages are automatically redirected to the new versions on your EKM online shop.

This feature can also be used to create shortened, custom URLs so they appear more concise and also read and look better on promotional material, particularly in print.

View the full guide to URL Redirects


Rewarding your loyal customers is a hugely important element of creating a strong brand but also ensuring you receive the best possible feedback about your shop and products. 

Innercircle allows you to create goals and objectives; this could be user testing, more reviews, organic social media engagement or simply referring friends, the aim is to encourage your customers to fulfill these goals and tasks to receive points that can then be redeemed how you see fit. This is a great way of growing a community and gaining repeat business.

Enable Innercircle in the features section of your dashboard.


ShipStation helps ecommerce retailers import, organise, process, and ship orders efficiently no matter where they sell and no matter their size.

This order management software helps you organise your ecommerce orders easily and effectively. 

ShipStation provides several ways to manage all of your online orders and automate many tasks associated with order fulfilment. You can save time by automatically applying actions to orders based on criteria you set, such as:

  • View, sort, and filter orders
  • Split orders into multiple shipments
  • Combine orders into single shipments
  • Set up customised alerts
  • Edit an imported order whenever, wherever

Learn more about ShipStation

October 2021

Product Tabs

Our new Product tabs feature is now available, allowing you to present extra information about your products in an easy to navigate way.

The feature can be installed from within the Features section of the platform. When the Tabs feature is enabled all products are activated to use tabs – this means that the Product Description, Attributes, Reviews on the product page will only appear in the tabs.

View the full guide to Product Tabs

Aerial Theme

We’ve also launched our new Aerial theme. This sleek design is perfect for giving your shop that fresh feel if you’re after a revamp.

Aerial comes with our new layout editor, which allows you to customise the look and feel of your shop easier than ever before. You can add sections, rearrange and customise how each area of your page looks without having to edit any code.

Aerial is available now in the Themes section of your EKM account.

View the full guide to Aerial

Disable Gift Cards

After listening to your feedback we have built in the ability to disable individual gift cards.

View the full guide to Disabling Gift Cards

New 3rd party integrations and tools

To help manage your inventory, orders, create carrier labels and more in one place we have teamed up with;





We’ve also integrated Ad-lister, a multi-channel listing tool, so you can update your listings from one place including Amazon, eBay and more

August 2021

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews can now be automatically collected from your customers. Enable the setting within the feature so your shop will send an email to a customer after they’ve bought a product from you, asking them to leave a review.

A second update to the feature now also allows customers to upload images to the review they leave on your shop.

View the full guide to Customer reviews

Gift Cards

The gift card feature now allows you to issue a gift card to anyone you wish. Simply go into the feature, set up the card value and enter an email address and your shop will send that person the gift card. Gift cards can now also have expiration dates set.

Read the Gift Cards help guide here

June 2021

Trade Discounts Import/Export

EKM shop owners using the Trade Discounts feature within the EKM platform can now import and export Trade Discount information. The Trade Discounts feature allows EKM shop owners on the Advanced plan and above to offer a percentage discount across all products.

For those who wish to use the new import/export feature for Trade Discounts, you will need to have installed this within the ‘Features’ tab.

Read the guide on the import/export system for Trade Discounts here.

Gift Cards now available for the Standard plan

The Gift Cards feature rollout is now complete and is available for EKM shop owners on the Standard plan and above. You can now set up Gift Cards on your EKM shop, including a set amount and a set expiry date. Each Gift Card will be generated with a unique card code and once purchased will be sent to your customers via email.

Read the guide on Gift Cards here.

Amazon Payments Re-enabled

EKM has now resolved issues with the Amazon payment gateway and has re-enabled it across the EKM platform. Shop owners will now be able to use Amazon payments on their EKM online shop without any further issue.

May 2021

Gift cards feature

We are pleased to have introduced a new Gift Cards feature to the EKM platform. You can now set up Gift Cards on your EKM shop, including a set amount and a set expiry date. Each Gift Card will be generated with a unique card code and once purchased will be sent to your customers via email.

Gift Cards will be available to EKM shop owners on these dates:

  • Pro plan shop owners – LIVE
  • Advanced plan shop owners – LIVE
  • Standard plan shop owners – 29th June

Gift cards can be highly beneficial for your EKM online shop. From upselling to making great gifts for your customers they are the perfect tool to help you increase your revenue and give your customers a great experience.

Read the guide on Gift Cards here.

Bulk Discounts Live Price Update

The Bulk Discounts feature has been improved to display your quantity, price and saving all in one easy to digest table on your product page. This update includes live price updates which means your shoppers can use a quantity selector to get a live update of the total price, plus the saving they are making.

This can also be customised to match your chosen theme colours and fonts. Please note that this is not available if your product page is in custom mode.

Update to social media icons 

The Social Media icons used across EKM shops have been updated. EKM shop owners can now choose from the default social media icons or either a black or white version to compliment your online shop.

Having your social media linked on your EKM online shop is important for a few reasons. From SEO benefits, to growing and nurturing your shop visitors to building trust and demonstrating authority.

To change the look of your social media icons, navigate to the Features section and select ‘social plugins’.

Read the guide on how to install Social Plugins here.

Introducing Printify

Printify is the all-in-one print on demand service with a catalogue of over 250 products. EKM shop owners can now install the Printify app via the Features section on your shop’s dashboard.

With Printify you can customise anything from mugs and socks to t-shirts and more! And Printify will handle the printing and shipping of your products for you. Simply create an account with Printify or sign in with your existing account, choose your product and print provider, upload your design to the mock-up generator and publish your product!

Read the guide on how to install the Printify app here.

April 2021

New redirect all button on missing pages report and improved filtering 

A new button has been added to the missing pages report. You can now redirect your EKM shop’s missing pages to your homepage or a preferred single page. 

Product Review Dashboard Notification

The EKM dashboard now shows a notification for product reviews that are yet to be approved. This will help make it easier for you to manage your product reviews straight from your EKM shops dashboard. 

New PayPal Pay in 3 widget 

The PayPal Pay in 3 widget now displays on product pages. If you already have PayPal installed on your EKM shop, you will need to go into your configuration settings to turn on the widget.

Update to the EKM App

We have added the ability to update shipping “tracking information” within the EKM app. This update will make managing your orders via the app that much easier. You’re able to add a tracking number, delivery company details and a tracking URL with a ‘go to tracking URL’ button. So you can manage your EKM shop orders from pretty much anywhere.

To manage your shop on the go download the app here:

Apple Store
Google Play Store

March 2021

Speed Improvements to Discount Manager

We have improved and conducted a performance boost to the existing categories modal in Discount Manager. This means everything you need will load much faster, creating a better experience while you’re running your EKM online shop.

New ‘View Shop’ button added

A new ‘View Shop’ button has been added to the sub navigation. This will allow you to quickly access your shop from anywhere in the platform. If you are logged into your test shop then you will be taken to your test shop instead.

Introducing our ‘What’s New’ Section

We have released a new notification centre that you can access straight from your dashboard by clicking ‘what’s new’ in the sub-navigation. This will allow us to provide you with instant updates, announcements, fixes and more and let us collate feedback from EKM shop owners.

New Status Page Update

Our team has been hard at work evolving our Status Page for EKM shop owners. This update shows different EKM systems and their statuses. You can also expand each section to show specific EKM services and all of them include their up time and current status. You can now subscribe to receive update emails as and if things change. 

View the new Status Page here.

Save cart for later now available on all EKM plans

The Save For Later Cart feature allows your customers to save cart items to a list. Now available to all EKM shop owners. Read more about this feature here.

Partner API Improvements

We have improved the performance of the Partner API to partner integrations which means any third party integrations will be running much faster. All to help your online shop run more smoothly. 

Test Shops Improvements

We have also added a new distinctive banner to test shops so that you can tell at a glance, whether you’re viewing your test shop or your live EKM shop. Just another small #evolution to the EKM platform to help make managing your shop easier.

February 2021

Update To Trade Discounts

The trade discounts feature available to EKM customers on the Advanced and Pro plans has been updated. EKM shop owners will be able to set prices for every product on a list and assign trade customers to a set-price list. 

This will give your customers better transparency of pricing for your products. For example, a customer on the ‘Wholesale’ price list pays specifically £4.99 for a specific product, whereas a customer on the ‘Low Volume’ price list pays specifically £5.12 for the same product. 

The outgoing email that is sent when a customer is assigned a new trade discount will be updated and can be edited within the settings section of your EKM shop. You will also be able to specify which discounts can be used in conjunction with other discounts within the Discount Management system – this also takes trade discounts into account.

Read the new support guide here.

Update to EU Cookie Bar

We are evolving our EU Cookie Bar based on feedback from the community, usability sessions and internal stakeholders. We have introduced a consent where your customers can manage the cookies that are loaded on your ekm online shop including function and tracking consent.

Read the updated guide here.

Request an Account Manager

EKM shop owners on the Standard plans and above can now request an Account Manager after 2 full weeks of having a live EKM shop.
An Account Manager can be a valuable extension to your business, offering expertise and advice on how to sell more online. Our research shows that customers with an Account Manager generate 42% more in sales.

PayPal Update

The PayPal payment gateway has been updated which will allow EKM shop owners to use the PayPal authentication / capture flow. This authorises a payment when customers checkout but the payment is actually only taken once the shop owner selects ‘Take Payment’ in the Orders section.

Orders placed via this new flow will have their funds authorised and payment can be taken for up to 29 days after being placed. Shop owners also have the option ‘Void Payment’ which cancels the authorisation and returns the funds, cancelling the order.

View the guide for PayPal here.

Cart Save For Later | Now Available for Standard Plan Customers

The Save For Later Cart feature allows your customers to save cart items to a list. Now available to the Standard Plan.

Read the guide on the Save for Later feature here.

January 2021

20 Product Images

EKM shop owners can now upload up to 20 product images on their product listings. This will help give your customers a better look at your amazing products, as you can offer multiple images, with different angles and even some lifestyle images to show what the product would look like in a real life setting.

Read the guide on Product Images here.

New Shop Emails

The outgoing emails for your order notifications have been updated to include new styling so your emails look amazing. This includes all shop emails from your abandoned cart emails to your back in stock emails, to customer related emails and more. If you have customised emails, you will need to reset in the settings page to see the newly designed emails.This will help support your customers’ experience when buying from your EKM online shop and give your emails a more professional and trustworthy look.

Read the guide on shop emails here.

Wish Lists

Wish lists have now been moved into the ‘Features’ section on your EKM dashboard as a dedicated EKM feature.

Read the guide on Wish Lists here.

Save For Later Cart

The Save For Later Cart feature allows your customers to save cart items to a list. Now available to the Pro Plan.

Read the guide on the Save for Later feature here.

Xero Update

The Xero App has now been updated and will now check for both the contact number and contact name. The App will now also capture any updates made to Xero invoices, as well as a fix to the orders that are zero rate. They will now pass correctly to Xero for sales to outside countries where the tax is exempt.

Read the guide on Xero here.

Updated Promo Stickers

The promo stickers that EKM shop owners can use on their products have been updated with a more modern look and feel to them. This will help ensure that you have access to pleasing promotional stickers for your EKM online shop, and help attract sales.You can find the new promo stickers in the features section of your EKM shop.

Read the guide on Promo Stickers here.

Delivery Slots

EKM shop owners now have the ability to offer delivery slots to their customers,including timed delivery slots and local deliveries. This will allow for a much improved click and collect system for physical shops. Reducing the number of people coming into the shop at any given time.

Read the guide on Delivery Slots here.

Quick View Update

Following on from customer feedback, we have reworked the Quick View feature that was released last year.Your customers will now be able to add a product straight to their cart from the category page or other special offer area. We have also introduced a brand new ‘Out of Stock’ button which will show on the product when it isn’t available, but will still allow the customer to view the product.

You can view the guide on the Quick View feature here.

December 2020

PayPal Pay in 3

PayPal have begun rolling out their new Pay in 3 service across EKM shops from this week. Your customers can now choose to split their payments up into 3 monthly payments, making larger baskets easier to checkout.

Your PayPal payment gateway should automatically have this new update installed.

Orders Page Speed Update

We have made platform performance updates to EKM that have made the load speed for your Orders section 27% faster. This helps you deal with your customers’ orders quicker and more efficiently than ever before!

Laybuy Update

EKM Shop owners can now add the LayBuy payment gateway to their shops, allowing customers to split their payments into 6 easy weekly payments, completely interest free and keeping it simple. You can find it within the Settings section of your EKM shop under ‘Payment Methods’.

Laybuy has now been updated with a ‘price split’ example on your shop to show customers exactly how much their weekly payments will be for their baskets.

Read the guide on setting up Laybuy on your EKM online shop.

October 2020

Introducing Laybuy

A new innovative buy now pay later alternative, Laybuy allows your customers to pay in a way that works for them. Pay in 6 easy weekly instalments, interest-free, giving your customers the power and flexibility they want.

You can find out more and install Laybuy by navigating to the payments section on your EKM shop. Read the guide on installing Laybuy here.

Redesigned missing pages report

We have now updated the way our missing pages report looks to ensure that EKM shop owners have all the information and tools they need to make sure their shop is running smoothly. You can access the missing pages report within the Analytics tab on your EKM shop.

September 2020

Product Videos

You can now add videos to your product pages within the Add/Edit product window. If you have a YouTube channel for your EKM shop, you can easily link your videos to your product pages so customers can see how your products look and how they can be used or worn. Here’s a guide on how to add your videos.


Our new integration with Xero is now live for all EKM shop owners. You can now sync all your EKM invoices with your Xero account, saving you both time and money. Read our guide on setting up Xero with your EKM shop here.

August 2020

Add Prices From Value to Products

You can now add aprices from’ value to products with variants of different prices, which will display on category pages. You can do this by editing your product’s variant price and this will help you to entice customers to click through to the product and it also makes your customers aware that different prices are available, and therefore, different volumes, for example. Here’s the guide to help you.

Product Urgency

Product Urgency is a powerful feature that can help you increase your shop’s conversion rate by using FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when it comes to availability of stock and much more. It is being rolled out across EKM plans from August and will be available to all Pro, Advanced and Standard tier customers from mid-September.

From letting customers know there’s only a certain amount of time left to order an item to low stock levels and free delivery if ordered by a certain time, installing this feature on your EKM shop will be a great tool to help you increase order value and conversions. Here’s how to install the feature.

Quick View

You can now add our new ‘Quick View’ feature to your EKM shop that will help customers add products to their carts directly from the category page without the need to click on each product page individually – ideal for EKM online shops where customers typically order a lot of products at once. Here’s the guide on how to install the feature.

July 2020

Image Builder Zoom Functionality

We have now added a zoom functionality to our Image Builder. You can now zoom in and out of the window to better view the image or graphic you’re creating.

Learn more about the image builder here.

Import/Export Mapping

We have added the option to map the columns in your import/export files so you will now be able to correctly map the import columns needed for your shop. Column mapping allows you to import your product file without having to edit the names of every column. You can simply choose what each column is for within the import tool, saving you the time and effort of editing each column within product file itself. It also reduces the chances of incorrect column names and import errors.

Learn more about this feature here.

June 2020

Discount Manager Update

We have now improved the process for adding new coupon codes when creating a new discount within the Discount Management feature. When adding a new discount code to your EKM shop, this now opens in a pop-up window to make setting up discounts even easier.

Learn more about discount manager here.

EKM Email Marketing Update

You can now add either your drafted or sent email campaigns into a sequenced campaign. This comes will additional functionality to allow you to edit indivdual email settings within a sequenced campaign.

Learn more about EKM’s Email Marketing service here.

May 2020

Updated Orders Section

The Orders Section now includes a list view of your customer orders with basic sorting, filtering and search capabilities. You can now also add tracking numbers to each of your customers’ orders.

Learn more about the orders section here.

Email Marketing Sequenced Campaigns

Sequenced campaigns within EKM Email Marketing now allows you to copy an existing draft email or sent email campaign into an existing sequenced campaign. You can now also edit the details of existing emails in a sequenced campaign include name, description, subject, from and reply to.

Learn more about EKM’s Email Marketing service here.

April 2020

Age Verification

Our new Age Verification feature now allows you to ask your visitors their date of birth when landing on your online shop. You can edit the look and feel of this including the title, description and background image or colour of the popup.

Read more about the feature here.

Delivery Radius

Introducing our new Delivery Radius feature! You can now restrict postcodes deliveries via order radius from your shop’s postcode. Simply enter your postcode and select the delivery radius. You can find this feature in the Delivery section on your EKM shop and edit your delivery method and choose ‘Location Restrictions’ to set up.

March 2020

New Email Editor for Email Marketing

Introducing a brand new editor for EKM Email Marketing. The new editor will allow you to drag and drop content into your email and select what type of content you wish to appear, from images and text to videos and call to action buttons. This new editor will make creating beautiful email campaigns that much easier. You’ll still also be able to edit any campaigns that were created in the previous editor in the text editor.

Learn more about the new editor here.

Holiday Mode

Launching our new Holiday Mode. Holiday Mode allows you to set a banner at the top of your shop to inform customers when you’re not available.

Find out how to turn on Holiday Mode here.

Quick Announcement

The Quick Announcement feature is useful if you want to highlight a specific Product, Category, Webpage, offer or promotion to your customers.

Learn more about using the Quick Announcement Feature.

Trade Discount Update

Prices on your EKM shop will now reflect your customers’ trade discount if they are logged into their account.

February 2020

New PayPal Update

We have now introduced a new all in one payment solution for EKM customers that offers both pay by PayPal and pay by card transactions. Offering fraud protection, reporting and helps your customers checkout faster.

Updated Image Carousel

The image carousel has now been updated with smart scrolling to help to improve your customer experience when viewing products on your EKM shop.

Read the guide on Image Carousels here.

January 2020

Discount Management Update

The Discount Management feature has now been updated so you can create and edit your shop discounts all on one page. View the guide on how to install the new Discount Management feature here.

EU Cookie Bar

EKM are introducing a new EU Cookie Bar feature for EKM shops. This allows you to display a warning bar at the bottom of each page to notify visitors that your shop uses cookies. You can customise the text and the colour and the bar will be linked to your website’s privacy policy.

Read the guide here.

December 2019

Tawk To – Live Chat App

Introducing a Live Chat alternative for EKM customers, Tawk To. This FREE live chat tool is a great tool for monitoring and chatting with your website visitors and you can even download the mobile app.

Parcel 2 Go

EKM is pleased to announce a new partnership with Parcel2Go. EKM Customers can now send all shop orders with Parcel2Go’s Smart Send.

Revolut Business Bank Account

EKM has partnered with Revolut, a business bank account provider who can help you not only save time but money too. We’ve secured you an exclusive £25 bonus when you open a new account.

November 2019

Most Wished for Products

EKM customers can now create a report from their EKM shop on their most wished for products. The report will display the top 50 most wished for products during the selected date range. This feature is only for customers on the Standard and above plans.

Theme Assets

EKM theme assets (images, scripts and icons) have been uploaded to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which improves website performance and page load times. EKM themes will load quicker for website visitors and with less reliance on EKM servers for theme files, our servers will be freed up to dedicate more resource (power) on the shop functionality, back end pages and overall platform performance. It’s win-win for you and your customers.

Save card details with Stripe

Shoppers can now have a better experience on your EKM shop with faster checkout on Stripe, which can save shoppers card details for the next time they purchase from your shop.

Image Editor Update

EKM customers can now edit images on their online shop within the image editor.

October 2019

Product Image Carousels

EKM customers can now add carousel images to their products which allow shoppers to swipe through the product images on a products page, while still allowing for the zoom functionality and for the shopper to click on thumbnails.

Updated Custom Attributes and Product Filter

The Product Filter and Custom Attributes feature has been updated to make it easier for customers when submitting their products to Google Shopping.

September 2019

Update to how shop statistics are displayed 

Customers can now select how their shop statistics are displayed – daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Update to Account Manager contact for Pro and Advanced Customers

Pro and Advanced customers can now see the direct telephone number for their Account Manager on their dashboard.

Update to Customer Reviews

EKM shop owners can now bulk edit their shopper reviews including bulk approve, disapprove or delete. Learn more about the customer reviews feature here.

August 2019

Royal Mail Click and Drop 

Royal Mail has now released their click and drop service on EKM which allows customers to link their EKM shop with their Royal Mail account to get shop orders out quicker. Read our guide on how to set up the Royal Mail Click and Drop integration here.

July 2019

New Dashboard

Created a new dashboard for EKM users to make a cleaner and simpler experience for users. This included a new onboarding tasks section for new customers.

Custom Signup Emails

Customers can now edit the emails that are sent out when someone signs up to receive their newsletter.

Loyalty Points 

Loyalty points on EKM shops will be visible to customers logging into their accounts. Find out more about Loyalty Points in our guide.

Coupon Code Reminders

Reminders have been added for shoppers to add coupon codes at checkout. Learn to create coupon codes for your EKM shop here.