Coming soon to EKM - subscription payments

Soon to be added to the EKM platform - subscription payments will allow you to turn one-off buyers into repeat customers. It allows your customers to sign up and receive timed interval deliveries of your products.

Subscription payments with EKM

How will subscription payments work?

With Subscriptions, customers will be able to make recurring payments. There will be no limit to the type of products that can be sold via subscriptions.

Select subscription payments in the features section

Quick and easy to install

When available, the subscription payments feature will be quick and easy to install within the features section of your EKM account. To use subscriptions, you will need to be using EKM-Pay, which offers the lowest available transaction rates on EKM.

Apply subscriptions to any product your wish

Apply subscriptions to products

You will be able to apply subscriptions to new or existing products within your EKM account. When adding a subscription to a product, you will also be able to apply multiple options for delivery intervals and apply subscription discounts to encourage purchases.

Encourage more sales on your website

Encourage repeat customers

Customers will now be able to subscribe to products on your website with selected delivery intervals. They will also be able to login and manage any subscriptions they have set up with you. Please note that the customer logins feature will also need to be installed.

What are the benefits of subscription payments?

Subscription payments are a proven way to improve online success for growing businesses. Here are the four key benefits of using subscription payments on your website.

Recurring revenue

Subscription payments can ensure a reliable recurring cash flow to your business, offering business growth opportunities.

Higher customer lifetime value

The longer you can provide value, the longer a customer will order from you, increasing their lifetime value to your business.

Improved inventory forecasting

Subscriptions allow you to plan ahead, reducing any costs that can be associated with overstocking and understocking.

Better customer experience

Subscription payments also provide a better experience to customers by giving them the power to manage their purchases.

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