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Customer Testimonials

Used by bedroom startups to multinationals with high expectations, EKM is built for success - powering 1 in every 5 online shops in the UK.

A Dancers World

“I don’t have a lot of time during the day so I love that with EKM I can change the product lines and add them very quickly."

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The Lampshade Company

"Customers feel that they can get really close to our products and the whole system has just been fabulous in regards to that."

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AE Williams

"The powerful free feature list and the easy to use back office gives EKM the cutting edge over the other ecommerce solutions."

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"Every time we make a sale, I get really giddy. Knowing that somebody else wants something that we make is a very big compliment."

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"EKM has been a really, really useful tool for us because it’s so easy to use."

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GWR Fasteners

"EKM's SEO features have helped us to get on page one of Google and that is how our customers have found us."

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Climbers Against Cancer

"I’ve found EKM very easy to use and we were able to get up and running fast"

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"In short our experience with EKM has been 'nothing is impossible'"

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The Willoughby Book Club

"EKM have been an integral part of making our venture work, and it wouldn’t have been possible to launch without their support. They have really enabled us to live out our dream."

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Simply Cakecraft

"When asked, “How has your experience with EKM been?” I smiled to myself".

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