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Chat with customers in real time

ekmLiveChat is a powerful yet simple live chat solution. Fully integrated and feature rich, you can add ekmLiveChat to your shop with a single click.

Instant interaction

Live chat lets you interact with any visitor on your shop at any time. Invite people to chat manually or create triggers.

See who's on your shop

View in real-time how many customers are on your shop, where they are and how long they've been there.

Reduce cart abandonments

If a customer’s been waiting on your cart pages for too long, you can automatically offer support and help them checkout.

Single click install

Hassle free installation. One click of the button and live chat is on your shop, ready to assist your customers with their purchase!


Choose from preset colour schemes or create your own.

Unlimited operators

No limits on the number of operators, concurrent chats or chat history.

Plus loads more

Packed with great features and more...

Canned responses

No need to type the same message over and over with canned responses

Full chat history

All chats are stored so you can easily retrieve details from a particular session

Offline messages

Customers can leave messages for you to pick up if you’re busy, away or can’t chat

Operator chat

Operators can help one another by chatting internally

Live stats dashboard

View chat session statistics on your shop

Custom greetings

Customise how customers are greeted when they chat

Available now in the features section

ekmLiveChat is available now in your EKM features section. Get live chat up and running on your shop in seconds.