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Continuous website evolution, forever.

With EKM’s unique Evolution Mode you’ll always be up to date and ahead of the competition. From design and user experience, to features and performance, your shop will be continuously optimised and improved at no extra cost, without you lifting a finger.

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What is Evolution Mode and why?

At EKM, your success is our number one priority. A huge factor to your shop's success is ensuring that it always looks, feels and works perfectly, and that's where we come in.

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Websites get outdated, they don’t on EKM

Say goodbye to outdated, underperforming websites. It’s our mission to ensure that your shop will always be in optimum selling condition. Using the best features, themes and functionality on offer.

Website evolution
Guaranteed to improve your business

After helping over 50,000 online businesses, we’ve learned a few things and we know what to look out for. A few small tweaks to your design or shop structure could be the difference between success and failure online.

All in one ecommerce solution
We’ll do the hard work for you

While you’re busy running your business, our Evolution Team will review your shop and suggest tweaks, fixes and improvements from design to usability and beyond. Once approved we'll do the work at no extra cost, leaving you in optimum selling condition.

“We want our customers businesses to evolve, to get better, work faster. To never get outdated and to always look their best so they can thrive in the competitive ecommerce marketplace.

Antony Chesworth - EKM Founder
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“...Our orders doubled
literally overnight.”
ecommerce reviews

“About 2 years ago EKM completely over-hauled and redesigned our website, and as a result our orders doubled literally overnight...

EKM are worth every penny we spend with them each month - I have no doubt that without them our website wouldn't be half as good, and our business would not therefore be as successful as it is.”.

Emma McCarthy - Gundog Gear
You’re experts in your business. We’re experts in ecommerce.

We don’t claim to know everything about the products you sell. But with a team of ecommerce, design and marketing experts on hand - we do know how to set you up for online success.

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We know a thing or two about ecommerce

We're experts in how to ensure your online shop gets sales. Common practices such as building trust, making it easy for users to navigate your site and ensuring your design isn’t letting you down are just a few.

Website evolution
Our customers love Evolution Mode, you will too

Evolution Mode is one of our most sought after features. Our shop performance data shows that businesses that have experienced Evolution Mode are more likely to succeed.

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How does it work?

On request of Evolution Mode, our Evolution team will check your website and offer advice, design changes and fix any mistakes. You'll then be able to approve these changes and reap the benefits.

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Before Evolution Mode After Evolution Mode
ecommerce support
1.Request Evolution Mode in your shop

You can request Evolution Mode in your EKM shop, the number of times you can request Evolution Mode depends on your plan.

2.The Evolution Team will visit your shop

Our team of experienced ecommerce experts will take a look at your shop and suggest design amendments, tweaks and fixes to improve your shop.

3.Review your improvements

You'll be notified when your Evolution Mode suggested improvements are ready to see, you'll then be able to accept or decline these changes.

4.We’ll make the magic happen

Approve the changes and the Evolution Team will implement these for you to look at in your Test Shop, once you're happy we'll put the changes live and you can reap the benefits.

How often can I request it?
  • Request Evolution Mode once every 12 months
  • Our team evaluate your shop
  • Receive a list of suggestions to improve your shop and business
  • Request Evolution Mode once every 12 months
  • Our team evaluate your shop
  • We'll make design improvements on your test shop
  • Once approved by you we'll implement the changes on your live shop
  • Request Evolution Mode once every three months
  • Recieve monthly check ups from your ecommerce Account Manager
  • Our team evaluate your shop
  • You complete a design questionnaire with ideas and insight
  • We'll make design improvements on your test shop
  • Once approved by you we'll implement the changes on your live shop
Learn more about EKM Advanced
    "It's like having your own in-house design team"
  • Request Evolution Mode once a month
  • Our team work closely with your ecommerce Account Manager to evaluate your shop
  • You complete a design questionnaire with ideas and insight
  • We'll make design improvements on your test shop
  • Once approved by you we'll implement the changes on your live shop
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“Our site looks and performs far better now”
ecommerce reviews

“We’ve been with EKM for 7 years and would highly recommend them to anybody. Support is excellent as is the back office of the platform.”

“Evolution mode is the latest way the team enhance and improve your site on a regular basis. Our site looks, and performs far better now than it did a few years back as a result. A quality British company.”

Andrew Watson - Photo Genius
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does it cost extra?

    No, Evolution Mode comes at no extra cost and is included on every plan.

  • Do I have to use Evolution Mode?

    No , Evolution Mode is an optional setting.

  • What happens if I don’t respond to the suggestions within 30 days?

    It depends on the change. Small changes get implemented after 30 days automatically, though the majority of changes will need the account holders approval.

  • How will I be notified about the suggested amendments?

    You will receive an email listing suggestions. You can then either accept or reject the amendments under ‘Evolution Mode’ setting within your EKM account.

  • How often can I use Evolution Mode?

    You'll be able to request Evolution Mode differently per EKM plan. Standard once a year, Advanced once every three months and EKM Pro once a month. EKM Basic offers an advice only version of Evolution mode, available once a year.

  • Can I preview the changes before they are implemented on my site?

    Yes, the changes will be made visible to you on your ‘Test Shop’ so you can see how they look before approving them.

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