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Little Things to Cherish

Little Things to Cherish

Watch Catherines heartwarming story of how Little Things to Cherish came about and how she turned her passion for art into a successful business, with part of the proceeds going to a charity close to her heart.


Combing passion and business

“All my designs are hand illustrated in watercolours and inks with tender love and care. My aim has been to create affordable art that everyone can enjoy around their home or office, no matter the amount of wall space available.”

Taking the hassle out of business

"EKM takes the everyday hassle out of it, before I was having to contact customers sending messages back and forth, all thats gone now, so the time its saved me is unreal. It gives me time to create my work and gives me the time to put more love into creating my art instead of having to chase the business side of it.”

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