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About us

We believe everyone should be able to spend life doing something they love.

The EKM Office in Preston, Lancashire

Our story

EKM was founded in 2002 with a powerful idea: empowering individuals to pursue their passions through ecommerce. This vision gave rise to an innovative platform, purpose-built to make online retail universally accessible and achievable, catering to users from all walks of life, irrespective of their technical know-how.

Over the years, we've grown into a dedicated team of over 70 ecommerce specialists. Based in Preston, Lancashire, we've proudly supported tens of thousands of customers.

Our mission now focuses on helping existing businesses seeking growth and advancement online. Our platform is powerful and user-friendly, targeted at businesses ready to scale up their online presence. By eliminating technical complexities and providing expert account management, we empower our customers to concentrate on what matters most – scaling their business. Our experts, marketers, and designers integrate seamlessly with your business, functioning as your dedicated partners in online growth. They work closely with you, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration, making it feel as though they are an integral part of your team.

Since 2002 we’ve helped over 80,000 businesses sell online

The world’s highest rated platform

With multi-millions of pounds per day going through the platform it quickly became the UK’s most popular ecommerce solution and powers 1 out of every 5 online shops in the UK. Also, with over 2000 reviews on Trustpilot, we are the world’s highest rated platform to create an online shop.

EKM online shops are unique because they are always evolving and getting better to ensure you sell more. Our two decades of experience and a team of 70 ecommerce experts are always making improvements to both the platform and your shop ensuring tomorrow is always better than yesterday.

You are never on your own with EKM, our team is there to help you and your very own account manager will work with you, coach you and even manage the shop for you leaving you to process orders and spend more time doing something you love.

Team EKM

Rated excellent on Trustpilot from over 2000 reviews

Our company values

We have four core values that guide our actions and culture at EKM. The following ingredients work together to ensure that we maintain a great culture and the best possible service for customers.

Do the RIGHT thing

It’s about doing right by the team, right by the customer and right by the company. It’s treating customers as people and not just a customer number. It’s treating people in the way they want to be treated. It’s about doing everything in our power to ensure our customers are successful.

EKM Account Managers
EKM Engineers

Make a positive IMPACT

We believe that lots of small improvements are better than a few big ones. Small changes in the right direction can make a positive impact to ourselves and to our customers. We want to make a positive impact in the world every single day.

Keep it SIMPLE

Since its inception, EKM has been guided by a core principle: simplicity is paramount. This approach, now ingrained in our ethos, ensures that our platform remains user-friendly and intuitive for all, regardless of their technical background. This 'simplicity test' is a standard we apply across all our products and services, ensuring they are accessible and easy to use for everyone.

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Evolving is all about making sure tomorrow is better than yesterday. At EKM we are constantly looking to improve everything that we do. With our exclusive Evolution Mode, our expert team of designers, engineers and conversion rate analysts will never let your online shop go out of date… it just gets better and better!

A team of over 70 ecommerce experts at your service

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