How to thrive on Threads: Everything a small business needs to know for success

small business owner downloading new social media app Threads

We hope you’ve got your social media antennas up because there’s new platform you need to know about. It’s called Threads, and it’s creating quite a stir in the online world. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s time to catch up!

Threads is the brainchild of META, the same company behind Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. And let us tell you, this app is already weaving its way into the lives of users, one stitch at a time! Pun very much intended. 

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So, what exactly is Threads? 

Well, to put it simply, it’s like Twitter with a few differences to note. Instead of being limited to 280 characters like on Twitter, Threads gives you a generous character limit of 500. You can forget about hashtags (on this app anyway!); they’re not necessary here. You’ll also notice that the app’s design resembles Instagram, making it easy to navigate and offering the ability to share content directly onto your Instagram Stories. And here’s a pleasant surprise: there are no ads – for now, at least!

What to post on Threads?

The platform is designed to spark real-time conversation or in other words ‘Threads’. However, the app is still in its infancy therefore a definitive outline of what the perfect Thread looks like is yet to be determined. Content creators aka Influencers, marketing teams, and business owners are very much still testing the waters and learning the new platform. 

Let’s take a look at the various types of Threads currently circulating the app, that could be useful for small businesses.

The Comical Thread

@aldiuk thread post on the tone of voice for the new app

It’s no surprise that @Aldiuk are leading the way with their tongue-in-cheek threads. While this tone of voice may not be suitable for all small businesses, allowing your brand personality to show through a little comedy in your Threads might be a route to consider.

The ‘Let’s Start a Thread’ Thread

@boohoo thread post encouraging conversation between their followers by prompting a simple question

Since the aim of the game is to start a conversation, why not use the platform to engage with your customers? Spark a discussion, ask questions, and get to know your audience. Some users are going as far as outright asking their followers what content they want to see on Threads. 

The Informative Thread

@mercedesamgf1 sharing information on the upcoming Grand Prix

Got any major launches coming up? Do you have any information on upcoming events, sale dates, or even any product specifications that may be worth sharing with your audience? Threads could be a place to share all the need-to-know information about what you sell and who you are. 

The Content-Driven Thread

@tastyuk sharing yummy video content on one of their recent Threads

Let’s not forget this is another platform to showcase your brand, so why not take this opportunity to share photo and video content that reflects your products and purpose? The more people see what you do, the better!

The Sales Thread 

@asos posting a promotional discount code specifically for their followers on Threads

The ultimate goal of your business being on social media is to make sales, right? Brands aren’t missing any opportunity to get a Thread-related offer out to their audience, and with all the buzz around it, it seems like the perfect time to do it! 

How many users are on the app?

The numbers are impressive. It’s estimated that around 60 million users have already hopped on the Threads bandwagon. Zuckerberg reported that on the morning after the launch, a whopping 30 million users flocked to the app, and within the first 7 hours, 10 million users signed up. Do you have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) yet? 

Mark Zuckerberg, Managing Director of META confirming the rising numbers of new users on Threads

How do you follow people on Threads?

When you first sign up for the app, you’ll have the option to bulk follow all the accounts you currently follow on Instagram. But if you prefer a more selective approach, you can choose which accounts to bring over to the new platform. This means that even if those accounts haven’t joined Threads yet, they’ll find a group of eager followers waiting for them when they do.

Of course, you can also search for accounts and follow or unfollow them once you’re up and running on Threads. Threads is connected to your Instagram account, so the Blue Ticks on verified accounts will automatically carry over to the new platform. And for those not-so-nice accounts, if you’ve blocked someone on Instagram, they’ll be blocked on Threads too. 

How do you delete Threads?

Currently, the only way to delete your Threads account is by deleting your Instagram account. Parting ways with Instagram would be a big step, however word on the street is that Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, has hinted they’re working on a solution to let you delete your Threads account without bidding farewell to Instagram. Stay tuned for updates on that front!

So, there you have it—Threads, the latest social media sensation that’s capturing everyone’s attention. Threads offers you a fresh platform to connect with your audience and showcase your online shop in a whole new way. So why not give it a spin and see how it can boost your online presence?

Happy selling and socialising on Threads!

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