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More than support

eCommerce Experts dedicated to maximising your online business

What is an eCommerce Expert?

As your online business grows, it can be hard to give each area of your business the attention that it needs. Our experienced eCommerce Experts will be by your side to offer practical advice and guidance so you can maximise your online potential. Your eCommerce Expert will not only provide you advice on your shop, but also the things that go beyond EKM.

What can my eCommerce Expert help me with?

Our eCommerce Experts are the pinnacle level of service we offer to our customers. Their vast experience working with thousands of online businesses allows them to easily identify what gets results online and how you can implement these strategies into your online business today to get real results. As well as answering any question you might have about EKM, our eCommerce Experts will also be able to provide practical advice in many areas, including the following:

Social media pages and content distribution
Analytics and conversion optimisation
Paid acquisition (paid adverts)
Search Engine Performance
...and much more!
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I have to pay extra for an eCommerce Expert?

    No, as an ‘Advanced’ customer you will be assigned your own eCommerce Expert with no extra cost.

  • How will I contact my eCommerce Expert

    You will receive a personal email address and phone number to contact your eCommerce expert on. They will be available between the hours of 9am–5.30pm Monday–Friday with 24/7 emergency support if something goes wrong.

  • Do I have to use my eCommerce expert

    No, however they will keep you updated with practical advice and tips on how you can improve your online shop.

  • How long will I have an eCommerce Expert by my side?

    For as long as you remain on the ‘Advanced’ plan or over.

  • Will they be able to make any decisions about my online business?

    Absolutely not. Your eCommerce Expert is there to offer advice and guidance, you will still have full control of the decision making process for your online business.

  • Will my eCommerce Expert build my online shop for me?

    No, they can assist you and accelerate this process, however they will not build and design your online shop for you.

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