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An online shop that evolves, upgrades and optimises itself

At EKM, your success is our number one priority. A huge factor to your shop's success is ensuring that it always looks and feels perfect, and that's where we come in. While you’re busy running your business, our Evolution Team will review your shop and suggest tweaks, fixes and improvements from design to usability and beyond. Once approved we'll do the work at no extra cost, leaving you in optimum selling condition.

What is Evolution Mode?

Evolution Mode was created to ensure your shop is always operating at peak performance and never gets outdated. After helping over 50,000 online businesses, we’ve learned a few things and we know what to look out for. A few small tweaks to your design or shop structure could be the difference between success and failure online.

How does it work?

You can request Evolution Mode in the settings section of your EKM shop, our Evolution Experts will then take a look at your shop and you will be sent a list of suggested improvements directly to your inbox and EKM dashboard. You will then have 30 days to approve or reject the suggested improvements. If you approve the changes in your test shop, the team will then make these changes on your live shop without you lifting a finger.

Before After
Before After
Evolution Mode In Detail

We're experts in how to ensure your online shop gets sales. Common practices such as building trust, making it easy for users to navigate your site and ensuring delivery settings are correct are just a few. Watch Antony (our CEO) and Charlotte (head of our Evolution Team) to see exactly what is involved with Evolution Mode.

Why will it benefit my business?
Improve customer experience

Evolution Mode will ensure that every customer that visits your online shop has a great shopping experience.

Increase sales

With our vast network of eCommerce knowledge and experience, Evolution Mode will be able to identify any areas of concern and correct them accordingly, ensuring you don’t miss out on a single sale.

Stay up to date

eCommerce is fast paced, with Evolution Mode your shop will always be up to date with the latest in eCommerce technology and trends, so you can compete no matter how big your business.

"You've made a TREMENDOUS difference to our website"

"The Evolution mode carried out on our website is absolutely AMAZING and we're already getting fabulous comments and more orders than ever. Once again my sincerest thanks, you've made a TREMENDOUS difference to our website. "

Emma McCarthy - Gun Dog Gear
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does it cost extra?

    No, Evolution Mode comes at no extra cost and is included on every plan.

  • Do I have to use Evolution Mode?

    No , Evolution Mode is an optional setting.

  • What happens if I don’t respond to the suggestions within 30 days?

    It depends on the change. Small changes get implemented after 30 days automatically, though the majority of changes will the account holders approval.

  • How will I be notified about the suggested amendments?

    You will receive an email listing suggestions. You can then either accept or reject the amendments under ‘Evolution Mode’ setting within your EKM account.

  • How often can I use Evolution Mode?

    You'll be able to request Evolution Mode: Startup every 12 months, Growing every 6 months, Established & Pro customers unlimited.

  • Can I preview the changes before they are implemented on my site?

    Yes, the changes will be made visible to you on your ‘Test Shop’ so you can see how they look before approving them.

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