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Building your shop is a breeze

No code or fiddly bits, your shop will be up and running on the same day.

Add your products effortlessly

Upload an image, set a price and add a description with a few clicks.

Quick product upload

Add your products with minimal time and effort through our award winning interface. If you want to add products in bulk, that's just as easy with EKM's powerful bulk editing tools.

Organise your products

Create a simple to use category structure with minimal fuss, making your shop easy to browse and buy from.

Import your products

Save time adding your products manually by uploading them in one easy process.

eBay Integration

Already sell on eBay? Move your eBay products to and from your ecommerce website in minutes with our powerful eBay integration.

Import/Export System

Take full control of your inventory. Simply import or export your products to a spreadsheet so that you can move your products where you want, when you want.

Inventory Management

Manage your products in bulk so you can spend time on what matters - selling.

Automatic Stock Management

EKM automatically adjusts your stock levels and alerts you via email when it’s time to reorder.

Bulk editing

Edit multiple products in seconds with our powerful Advanced Inventory Manager.

Beautiful product images

Create product images that sell, with tools and features that make editing slick and simple.

Powerful image editing

Crop, enhance or choose from a selection of effects and filters to give your images a professional look.

Drag and drop images

Quickly upload pictures using drag and drop. Perfect for uploading multiple images to your shop.

And that's not all...
Multiple staff logins

Give your staff the access they need through the staff login feature. Assign different levels of access to different staff members, depending on what you want them to work on.

Product attribute and variations

Add custom attributes and variants to your products such as brand, colour and size.

Create new webpages

Webpages are used for extra information, like ‘About Us’ or ‘Delivery Information’. There's no limit to how many extra pages you can have.

An interface that optimises itself

EKM's unique Evolution Mode means your shop will detect any areas of concern and fix them, to ensure every one of your customers has a great shopping experience.

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