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Increase your sales with PayPal

PayPal offers the complete solution to accepting payments online. It combines the functionality of a merchant account and payment gateway in one, allowing you to accept payments and deposit funds into your bank account.

Accept all of these card types with PayPal on EKM

The complete solution for online payments

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A faster checkout experience

PayPal allows customers to speed through checkout in just a few clicks, without having to fill out any additional billing information.

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Be secure & PCI compliant

You'll benefit from PayPal buyer and seller protection which helps to keep both you and your customers better protected. PayPal is fully PCI compliant.

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Great rates for card payments

PayPal also provides a solution for accepting one off card payments. EKM users on Standard and above plans will pay only 1.8% + 20p per transaction.

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Manage all of your payments

PayPal Commerce Platform offers a full dashboard for managing your payments, customers and refunds, which will stay in-sync with your orders within EKM.

Customers can split the cost

With Paypal you can also allow your customers to split the cost into three manageable payments. So they can make one payment today, then pay the rest in two interest-free monthly payments.

With Pay in 3, your customers can pay over time, and there’s no hidden cost. And with the ability to spread payments over time, purchases become more affordable. The ability to allow your customers to pay in 3 is included in PayPal Checkout at no extra cost to you.

Transparent and competitive payment rates

Payments through Paypal 2.9% + £0.30 per transaction.
One off card payments 1.8% + £0.20* per UK & EU credit/debit card transaction.

*This fee applies to EKM customers who are on the Standard and above plans. EKM Basic customers pay 2.1% + 20 per transaction. For non UK & EU card payments fees are 3.6% + 20p per transaction.

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